Natalie from A Natural History of Dragons. She is a canon ace character, and I cannot recommend this series enough! It’s like feminist Indiana Jones in a Victorian type setting/social structure, and it brings up some good social issues. Also, dragons are fun.


Today is the day

It is April 4th

It is certainly the day that our boy luce went ahead and sacrificed his oWn wINGs for our girl natalie

He sure did offer up his last connection to heaven to bring her back from the dead


He did that

He went ahead and (again, after gently positioning her like she was sleeping, and not actually cold and dead) let them take his gorgeous, priceless (not only for what they mean to other angels and demons but what they mean for him) wings so that his best friend’s lungs would once again fill with air

It’s fine it’s fine I’m fine it’s fine I’m cool it’s fine I’m fine cool fine fine fine cool cool cool coocoocococococooocooococococool it’s fine