*I don’t wike it!* part five

Summary: you are a nanny, given a chance to take care of Chris’s niece and nephews. His attitude makes you wonder who really is Captain America in real life. 

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/H/C) = your hair colour

Warnings : fluff,

Genre: fanfiction, reader x

Rating: 18+

A/N: We’re gettin’ close, darlings. We are girls and what is the best for a girl? A good foreplay.


“Comin’ darlin’“… you sighed. Cyle started to cry just when you sat down on a couch. It was 10 p.m. You just wanted to relax and put on some TV show. 

As you comforted him for about twenty minutes and got back to the pahluh, couch was already occupied. 

“Oh c’mon..” you couldn’t help but give Chris bleak face. He pointed on the armchair next to him. As you walked along him, he  catched you for your hand, quickly sat up and pulled you back to the couch “You didn’t think I’m that big jerk?” he laughed and put his feet on the table. 

“One never knows, you are celebrity after all..” you took the  remote “Do you mind?” he closed his eyes “Be my guest. I just wanted to lie down and fall asleep in front of TV..” 

As he made himslef comfortable, you tuned M*A*S*H. You loved this series. It was great - short, funny, not really needed full attentinon and just classic. As the theme started to play, Chris shook himself and opened his eyes qucikly “What the heck…” you gasped with shock. 

“Sorry… it just.. well..” he said evasively “MASH theme stresses me out..” 

“Why?” you laughed and got yourself a beer from the fridge. You gave him one too.

“Thanks.. well it reminds me of old times..when I was a kid, this used to play all over again and again every evening when I got home and my parents were watching it.. it reminds me.. of that there’s probably time to go to sleep and that I definetly haven’t finnished my homework..” he drunk and looked at you. You chuckled and added “Well we have different memories on MASH.” 

“You’re younger than me, I am quite amazed that you know MASH..”  he said with gaze.

“I grew up on that!” you defende yourself “You old man!” 

“Hey! I am old man to you?” 

“How old are you exactly?” of course you knew, but he didn’t need to know

“36.. don’t give me that smirk! And back to the point - did you make Miles eat pancakes yet?”  he teased you. 

“Not yet…” he tauntingly clap his hands “But, there was no deadline in that agreement we made so..” you winked at him. Something in his eyes changed. 

“That’s true..” he said and observed you for a while. You could just pay back his look and breathe.

“..but I’m quite impatient..”  he mummed softly. Your heart started to beat quicker when his hand moved near your tigh. His eyes gleamed as his hand raised to your cheek. His hands were warm. His fingers caressed your neck and pushed your face near his. Your lips gave in his. It was for the briefest moment.

Then you heard screaming from above “NANNYYY!!!”

You both shook yourselves and you quickly got up. 

“Sorry.. I have to..” you apologized and disapeared on the strairs. 

When you took Miles to the bathroom and back, you couldn’t help but shake yourself. 

What did just happened?

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My grandmother is in the hospital

My mum found her in bed the other morning in severe pain. Turns out she fractured a vertebrae. She was suppose to come home with my parents on the 9th for Christmas, but chances are she won’t anymore.

Which sucks. I know her health has been deteriorating ever since grandad died, so I would have liked one more guaranteed time to see her. I would have also loved it if Charlee could meet her.

But I guess there is still a chance. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

But any good thoughts, prayers, etc. would be nice in helping with a speedy recovery Tumblr fam ❤️