bangtan as college students

namjoon: the largest literature nerd, who reads old classics and complex poems just for fun. forever alone in the moment, because he is the clumsiest dork that stutters nonstop when a girl gives any attention to him. his outfit choices are picked blindly in the morning, and he often looks like trash in the end. secretly a genius.

seokjin: was the valedictorian of his high school who tries ridiculously hard to keep up in all his advanced courses. successfully survives college but does not escape the freshman 15 and several nights of emotional eating. oftentimes has random mental breakdowns - including hardcore sobbing and large consumption of food.

yoongi: sleeps through class, yet is still sleep deprived every single day? the kid who has dreams of being a rapper, but has parents with different thoughts. stays up all night composing lyrics after he’s done with studying. survives off coffee, but doesn’t ever eat enough or eat right when he does. 

hoseok: a class clown, the most well-known guy at uni. everyone knows him, most everyone loves him - except when he has to ask others what the assignment was because of his goofing off. probably unexpectedly and lowkey crushing on the quiet girl in the front who always takes notes and listens obediently. fails some classes along the way.

jimin: severly struggling through classes, but sincerely tries to do his best. asks for extra credit and visits professors during office hours for help. is always embarrassed when asked about his grades and can only take out his stress and frustration at late night dance sessions on the small campus dance studio.

taehyung: everyone’s little brother. sometimes a little slow and stupid - his friends worry for him. sometimes magnificent and unpredictable with great ideas that are always appreciated. makes lame jokes that everyone groans at, but also makes everyone inevitably fall in love with him. adorable, kind, and always willing to help.

jungkook: you want to be him. naturally smart in every single subject, extremely athletic, and musically talented. looks like he rarely ever puts in effort, but acts humble. subtly shows off his muscles at the campus gym, and subtly shows off his vocal skills at karaoke parties. prone to several girls asking him out first - never has wits for the first move.

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Could you do a Namjoon scenario where you had a really bad day at school ( like forgot your homework, got yelled at by teachers etc, etc ) and when you come home he says something kinda harsh and you break down into tears? Thank you love the acc

Unmelodious Love - Namjoon

When you felt the tears well, your back arched slightly as you stood up straighter. You clutched both of your hands in a fist as if to strengthen yourself. “This is just completely unacceptable!” The professor screamed, slamming miscellaneous papers on her desk, which you were sure wasn’t for any other purpose than to scare you. It worked. “When I tell you to do an assignment, you do it! That’s how the real world works!” 

“I understand, professor. I had a family emergency.”
“Cry me a river,” Her sharp words sliced the tense air. “Get out of my class.” The stabbing words offered some sort of relief as you rushed out of the classroom. It seemed like some sort of sick joke to have everything have happen in one day. First your AP Language teacher threatened to drop you for forgetting your homework, next your World History teacher does… well, that.  You were warned college was harsh, but crying? Screaming? Papers being slammed on desks? Truthfully, this felt more like a soap opera than college. Luckily, World History was your last class of the day, and you could board your bus back home, kiss your boyfriend, and tomorrow would be better.  
Even in the terrible condition of the day, you felt a small smile creeping up to your cheeks thinking of him. His dimpled smile popped into your head, and you thought of what he was doing right now. At his desk, you assumed, he had headphones covering his fading brown hair, as his head bobbed slightly to the beat. You loved when he closed his eyes, feeling a rhythm, and he would turn to you, shooting you a grin that made you fall more and more in love. These thoughts were what made you forget about everything as you eagerly turned the key for the lock to your apartment.
You opened the door to find an empty living room, as you expected. Dropping your school bag, you ran towards the bedroom, finding Namjoon in the exact spot you pictured him earlier. You felt a spark lurch from your stomach to your chest as you ran over to him. You wrapped your arms around him, taking in his spicy scent, covering him in kisses from his neck to his cheeks. “Babe,” you whisper between kisses. “I had the most—” kiss, “horrible day and I think—” kiss, “the only way to make it better is to—” kiss, “cuddle with my lo—”
“Jesus! Stop!” Namjoon suddenly erupted. He angrily swiped his headphones off his ears  and turned to look at you. You stepped back, your heartbeat quickening harshly. “Can you not see that I’m really busy? Jeez, babe. Come on.” He shook his head in annoyance and turned back to his computer. Your mouth was left hanging open in shock. You shut it quickly, clenching your jaw. First, the AP Language witch, then the semi-God-complexed World History hag, and now what was supposed to be your loving boyfriend? Who was supposed to always be there for you? To help you through your tears and not cause them? Enough is enough.
“Well, I am so sorry that I am such a burden to your God damn schedule.” You spat, turning in your heel to leave and slamming the door behind you. You didn’t even know where to go, there was only about a couple hundred square feet of apartment and he was occupying a good portion of them. You ran to the first door you could find, the bathroom. You were seething, and on the verge of tears for the third time today. You sat down in the bathtub, hanging your head between your knees before letting all of your tears fall. It didn’t help, it only hurt. You had to intake sharp breaths in order to cry out inaudibly. Your chest felt heavy and your eyes were burning and it felt like an eternity before you heard a soft knock on the door.
“My love?” You scoffed. Took him long enough. “Baby? Can I come in?”
“I don’t know. Can you?” You tried to sound angry, but the sound of his soft, apologetic voice still made your heart melt.
“May I come in?” He laughed. Your heart jumped.
“Sure,” You said. The door opened slowly and your eyes connected with his. The minute he saw you, your eyes red and puffy, your fragile, disheveled state, his expression changed immensely.
“Oh my god, baby,” He spoke. He crouched down, stroking your hair. You leaned into his palm, letting another tear roll down your cheek. “I am so so sorry. Sometimes I get carried away. I get so wrapped up in the sound and the music and the emotion of it all and I let it get to me. I should have been there for you.” He stroked your cheek with his thumb, waving his other hand as he spoke, to emphasize his words like he always did.
“Just be here for me now, please.” You spoke softly.
“In the bathtub?” He laughed softly.
“Yes,” you giggled, nodding solemnly. “In this very bathtub.” You scooted over, allowing his tall lanky figure to settle down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your torso, kissing your cheeks and forehead and collar bones and everywhere his tender lips could reach.
“Tell me where it all went wrong, princess,” He whispered, lovingly rocking you softly.
“Well, I knew I never should have signed up for AP Language.”

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Namjoon with his mom has got to be the most precious thing I’ve seen lately. Maybe because he rarely talks, mentions, or openly shows affection about his family compared to other BTS members. I started to get the notion that he wasn’t on good terms with his family ever since he chose to become an idol (which he briefly mentioned on an interview how his parents were totally against it).

But seeing this made me really happy. Not only that, but the fact that they’re all finally able to spend time with their families too. ❤️

BTS Rank Of Who Would Be Most To Least Willing To Eat Their Girlfriend Out

Its not that I think that they won’t be wiling to, but who would be shy or who would be more forward about doing it because trust me we all know they would not mind haha. Hope You guys enjoy! 

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More forward about it:

  • Namjoon- Hello guys have you heard his songs?? He would definitely enjoy the idea of pleasing his girl in the best possible way he could.
  • Hobi- For some reason, to me, Hobi seems like the the type of person who’s able to come off as almost innocent on camera and goofy on camera, but he would be a bit more chill as well as sexual and playful with his girlfriend, thus making me feel like he would definitely not mind eating her out on occasion. 
  • Suga-  He may come off as shy sometimes but he would definitely love eating his girlfriend out. He would love the feeling of being in control and making his girl experience pure bliss.
  • Jimin- I put Jimin under being more forward about it because even though he can be shy, we have all seen his sexy side and i’m sure the idea of eating his girlfriend out would make him blush probably at first, but it wouldn’t last long and he would happily agree to please his girl.

A little more shy:

  • Jin- The idea would make him turn beet red, he wouldn’t mind doing it because of love, it was just that the talk of sexual things would always make him blush and a little shy.
  • V- I don’t think he would be extremely shy because I see him as a giver and i’m sure he wouldn’t mind pleasing his girlfriend, but I see him as a being less forward about than the first members listed, almost like he’s in between shy and very willing.
  • Jungkook- I think that Jungkook would be shy but also mature about the situation since he is getting older and is starting to act like it, but he since he is still kind young, he most likely would be shy mostly due to being inexperienced but would be definitely willing to have his girlfriend help him practice.
BTS Reaction Where You Tease Them While Watching A Movie With The Other Members Around

When I say teasing I mean like in a sexual way, just to clear things up before reading.

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

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Namjoon- “Are you sure?” He would definitely want to jump at the opportunity to have fun with his girlfriend, but the other members being around would make him feel a bit more nervous, and since he is the leader, he wouldn’t want his members to catch you two and start teasing you two.

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Suga- “Can’t we just finish the movie?” He would try to pretend that he was way too distracted by the movie but the truth was that he wanted you to continue, but was too shy about getting caught by the members and even though he tried to play it cool, you could tell he was blushing.

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Jin-“Jagi we can’t do that in front of them!” Jin would be shocked and would start blushing as soon as you touched him, telling you that now wasn’t the time and that you two should wait til you were alone.

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Hobi-“Yah what are you doing!” As soon as he realized what you were doing and that it was while the other members were around, he would be his dramtic self and start nervously squirming around or ask what you were doing in a non whispering tone, making you stop what you were doing because he would be the one to get you guys caught.

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Jimin-“After the movie, okay?” Jimin would be surprised, but would react more calmly to the situation and just tell you to wait til the movie was over, but you never know, he might end up teasing you back a little.

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V- “Aren’t you worried about the boys catching us?” Tae would be nervous since the other members were around and would constantly ask you if you were as nervous as him.

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Jungkook-“Jagi I don’t think we should be doing this here” Poor Kookie would tense up as soon as he realized what was going on, due to the fact that you were teasing him in the first place and that you chose to do it while around the other members, he’d pretty much be freaking out on the inside, nervously not knowing how to handle the situation.