What is the project?

  • An international celebration for the 10th anniversary of one of Muse’s greatest albums
  • A great way to meet new friends and fans in your country

What will we do?

  • Each country will have a meet-up on Sunday July 3rd 2016 (yes, it’s next year, but this gives us more time to let more people know about the project) Larger and more popular countries will have more than one meet-up location
  • Each meet-up will have a designated ‘Team Leader’ to help keep activities organized and make sure everyone gets involved and has fun
  • A list of games and challenges will be sent to each Team Leader. Each game and challenge will win your ‘team’ a different amount of points. The Team Leaders will send back photo/video proof for any activities completed and the team with the highest amount of points will be declared the winners.
  • More details about the activities will be announced later

How do I join in?

  • To join the project, all you have to do is vote for your nearest city! Just send an e-mail with your city and country in the subject to click here for an example
  • If you are in North America, please use city, state, USA (example: Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  • The city MUST be in the subject section so I can organize them properly
  • The city with the most votes will be the host for that country’s meet-up. As I said above, larger and more popular countries will have more than one meet-up
  • Each country must have at least 10 votes for a meet-up to be organized.
  • Ant city that gets 50 or more votes will automatically get a meet-up, n regardless of how many meet-ups the country already has
  • If you would like to be a Team Leader then please say so in your e-mail

How can I help with the project?

  • You can help by telling people about it!
  • Tell your friends. Share it on facebook and twitter. Reblog this post!
  • The more people know about it, the better!

If you have any questions, please send them to museinternational or use the ‘tenyearsofbhar’ tag


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