Interview translation: Tatsuro (MUCC) x Arimura Ryūtarō (Plastic Tree)

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COMMUNE Vol.2Special project: Tatsuro × Arimura Ryūtarō SPECIAL dialogue

[COMMUNE Vol. 2.] the event organized by Miya (Gt.) from MUCC will take place in Zepp Tokyo, on November 25 and 26.

The event will be held for the second time, this time the keyword is “alternative”.

MUCC, Plastic Tree and Lynch will perform both days. Plastic Tree was the first band greeted as a guest performer. Tatsuro from MUCC and Arimura Ryūtarō from Plastic Tree are old friends, who known each other long before the debut of MUCC.

In the dialogue of the two, whose friendship is still as strong as ever we will hear about the event and their secrets as a vocalist.

Interviewer: Yamamoto Hiroko

Tatsuro: I wonder how many times I chatted with you.
Arimura Ryūtarō: Around 30 times maybe? (laughs)
Tatsuro: In private, yes. (laughs) But it’s been several years since we had an interview together.

– You may already get this question several times, but would you talk about your friendship for the Visulog readers?

Tatsuro: If we have to talk ourselves hoarse, I would say that Plastic Tree is our great senior.
Arimura: If we have to talk ourselves hoarse, I would mention that we are from the same period, though. (laughs)
Tatsuro: If I have to talk myself hoarse, I am grateful for this friendship.

 – You first met through a battle of bands, right?

 Tatsuro: We never had a battle of bands; that still await us. I first saw him during ‘Tokyo Basement’ (event organized by cali≠gari) at the time when Shinjuku LOFT was in west Shinjuku. I was around 19 years old.

Arimura: How young! (laughs)

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