The signs as things Josh Ramsay said at my concert

Aries: “if you’re the front man of a band your job is to fucking talk”
Taurus: “i don’t know many things about anything really”
Gemini: “if you need advice on wearing leather pants or guys wearing makeup, I’m your fucking guy”
Cancer: “I want some alone time with you guys, I get jealous with those other assholes”
Leo: “I can only have so many fucking hand drawn pictures of myself before I start to look like an asshole”
Virgo: “as a performer sometimes we do this thing called acting maybe you’ve heard of it”
Capricorn: “I have never been at a concert and been like man I could really use a fucking omelet right now”
Sagittarius: “I break hearts not laws honey”
Scorpio: “man I could use some fucking alcohol right now, please don’t buy me drinks”
Libra: “this Canadian to American translation must be off”
Aquarius: *messes up the verses* “man you guys know my songs better than me why don’t you be the fucking lead singer”
Pieces: “it’s hot in here so I’m just gonna take my shirt off because I’m a fucking slut”

Fun facts learned at the Orlando VIP session (1/23/16)

So, I was curious about what the most difficult lyric to get perfect in writing was, and Josh came back with an answer that I’m still laughing about. He was talking about how hard Dearly Departed was to get perfect, since it was so personal to him, and how it had originally been much more harsh at the beginning (with Ian saying how he liked the harsh version more). After a moment, he decides to sing the original lyric, and it went like so. 

It’s the third of October, you should come over
Best laid plans are not sober
I guess it’s safe to say the wedding’s off
But we can still get drunk and fuck

Thought y’all might appreciate that.

Mtrench on tour

Josh: *Tweets an obscene amount* (usually around 4am)
*Insults Ian*
*Offensive selfies*

Matt: *Tweets a few times a day, usually an Instagram post*
*Reposts Mike’s Instagram post*

Mike: “Here’s a selfie from wherever we are now”
*Posts update videos*
*Occasionally tweets from the mtrench account in reference to merch & tour dates*

Ian: ?????
Is he alive?
Is he dead?
Did they leave him at a gas station?
We don’t know.

  • For being around for a while I really think that Marianas Trench isn't given enough credit??? Has anyone even heard Josh's vocal range??? Like in my opinion Brendon Urie has nothing on Josh Ramsay. Both very talented but dang Ramsay has the vocals of a god. AND THE HARMONIES??? THE FREQUENT USE OF ACAPELLA??? COME ON PEOPLE!!! Major plus, they're 4 of the sweetest guys that I've ever met.
a recap of my initial reactions to astoria
  • astoria: oh no oh no oh no o H no no n o yEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS I AM READY ((I'M NOT READY))
  • burning up: is this just an instrumental or is josh's voice just a frequency too high for me to hear
  • yesterday: well this is funky
  • one love: I want to THROW UP I'm so SAD
  • this means war: hooooooly shit this is my fuCKIN JAM I AM SO PUMPED I'M GOING TO DO A BACKFLIP
  • dearly departed: who the hell slipped a twenty one pilots song onto this album........YO WAIT DID HE JUST REFERENC-
  • shut up and kiss me: I though michael jackson was dead
  • who do you love: I am so overwhelmed
  • while we're young: just when you think the pieces of your heart cannot be crushed any smaller
  • forget me not: jUst w HEN YOu th ink tHE PIEcEs of YOu R hea RT cAnNo t bE cRushEd a NY smLLER?!??!!!
  • end of an era: ...honestly my reaction to this was just staring blankly at a wall I think it literally broke me emotionally