CNN: Parisians shaken because this time not Jews, but “just people” targeted
Joyce Carol Oates:

How monstrous will the mainstream media get before the whole thing breaks apart? No telling. But this indicates that it is certainly descending to the murky depths already.


“CNN Reporter: Parisians Shaken Because This Time It Wasn’t Just Jews Targeted, ‘This Was Just People,’” by Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller, November 24, 2015:

A CNN reporter says that what really has shaken the people of Paris in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 terror attacks is that this time those killed by Islamist terrorists weren’t just Jews or provocative cartoonists.

Talking to CNN host Don Lemon Monday night, reporter Martin Savidge tried to convey why the people of Paris view the Nov. 13 terror attacks differently than last January’s Islamist terror attacks in Paris that targeted French cartoonists and Jews in a kosher grocery store.

“I think what really has shaken the people of Paris, they’ve grown accustom to the idea that of course the city is a target,” Savidge said from on the ground in the city of lights. “But this particular assault, aside from the sheer numbers of people that were killed or wounded, it was the neighborhoods that were struck. It was the fact that this time no one was spared. It wasn’t that a person was picked out because of their faith. It wasn’t because a person was picked out because of their jobs such as Charlie Hebdo. This was just people — any kind of person. And that has really shaken the people of Paris. This time you could not explain it away as somebody else’s threat.”…

Lovely Day, Isn’t it?

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