You know what I think is really cool about celebrities, like the members of Fall Out Boy, having Tumblr accounts?

If you follow them, you really get to see what kind of person they are. Yes, there’s all the promotional stuff from time to time, but they also reblog and post things they like, outside of their stag personas. Not to say there’s necessarily a difference, but I think you guys get what I’m saying.

Take Pete Wentz for example. (If he happens to read this: hi, Pete!) Yes, he reblogs stuff for Fall Out Boy, but he also reblogs a lot of artsy, out-there photos that feel very urban to me. And, to me at least, I see him through all that as a very artistic, intelligent, and self-aware guy who is both introspective and very appreciative of a certain aesthetic. Joe Trohman is probably the second most active on here, and he posts photos of his dog and some random things he likes, not really reblogging much. And through that, he comes off as an extremely chill dude with a sense of humor to him that is very down-to-earth. Patrick Stump, outside of the promotional stuff, writes a lot of long text posts, a lot of which talk about really cool subjects, like music and societal norms. I haven’t seen him on much recently, but I really enjoy reading those. Through them, one can easily tell that Patrick is very observational and intelligent, and clearly well spoken, which he portrays in the way he writes. I haven’t seen Andy post at all recently, either. But looking at his blog, you can tell he’s a guy who is very passionate about being healthy and keeping with a healthy and straightedge lifestyle.

I follow smaller musicians on here, too; mainly ones that I’ve found on YouTube. Those blogs aren’t as personal, considering a lot of it is updates and promotional stuff. But there are things on there that those outside of the Tumblr community wouldn’t see, and I find that interesting.

Really, what I’m trying to get at here is that I seriously appreciate when bands I like dig into this side of the social media world. At the end of the day, looking past the popular text posts and fangirling and all that, Tumblr is a blog site. It’s a place to really channel what makes you as a person into one, digital place. And to have members of bands I seriously look up, love, and respect to take the opportunity to do that where they know their fans can see all of that? Well, to me, that’s just awesome.

So, I know that the people I mentioned aren’t going to read this… But if they do:

Thanks, guys. Thanks for giving us a little window into your lives, into who you are. It’s greatly appreciated.


I have wanted to upload these photos for a long time, and heres how I met some of the nicest people in existence:

It all started when some girl in my class said that she saw on facebook that FOB was coming to Rockaway for some random thingy and I should check it out because I love them and stuff. I did, and saw the post about coming to Rockaway for Habitat For Humanity. How I got there without ever really emailing them or anything requires some background info though. Here goes: My neighbor’s brother in law is Marky Ramone, and I’ve met him a couple times. I was allowed to tag along with him when he went to bring lunch for the people working. 

When I walked in, I was kinda freaking out internally, because its Fall Out Boy, and this band has helped me with my self harming problem then and now. They have quite effectively saved my life. I walked up to Pete, asked if it was him, and if I could take a picture. Then everyone got food, and I approached Patrick. We took a picture together and I learned that these guys are also vertically challenged, like me.Then, I talked to Andy and Pete for pretty much the rest of the time.I gave Pete a sheet of really crappy lyrics I wrote for my band, and asked him to email me about them. That never happened, but hey, they were really bad. While taking about my band, it came up that we didn’t have a name, and we have a few choices. Paper Moons, Perfect Again, and another one that I don’t remember. Every member of FOB, even Joe, even though I never talked to him, agreed on Paper Moons. And that is the name of my still developing band. 

That is pretty much the description of the best day of my life, because they were the nicest people I have ever met. Period. I love these guys so much.