Emirati MRL MCL

122-mm multiple launch rocket systems fire MCL (Multiple Cradle Launchers) “national development” of the UAE. According to the publication of the magazine “Jane’s Defence Weekly” (Christopher F. Foss, “IDEX 2013: UAE gets new rocket system”), system of MCL developed and produced by the Emirati company Jobaria Defense Systems (JDS), in conjunction with unnamed “foreign partners”, which are easily identified by the Turkish company Roketsan.

Wofür lebst du?
Ich lebe für den Widerstand, für die Natur, und die Menschen um mich herum. Ich lebe für Punk und Anarchie, ich lebe für den stetigen Kampf. Ich lebe für die Revolution und eine Menge Bier. Ich lebe für die Musik und das tanzen, fürs pogen und stagediven, ich lebe für Schweißgeruch und blutige Lippen. Ich lebe für Glück, das Meer und laute Parolen. Ich lebe fürs Autoscoter fahren, für Momente in denen ich vor lachen weine. Ich lebe für Liebeskummer und Blödsinn. Ich lebe für Filmnächte, für baumhäuser, für Kunst und Sonnenaufgänge. Ich lebe für heiße Küsse und innige Umarmungen. Ich lebe für die Freiheit und Nudeln mit Pesto.
Wofür lebst du?

Who Ate Count Bleck’s Pie?

Scene 1

- [Count Bleck walks to the fridge and opens the door. He looks inside and discovers that his pie is missing. He frowns and slams the door, walking away grumpily.]

Scene 2: Mr. L

- [Count Bleck walks by Mr. L’s room. He hears music playing and enters. Mr. L is tinkering with his giant robot, Brobot. Count Bleck clears his throat to get his attention.]

- Mr. L: Hey. How do ya like my new theme song?

(Music playing is Mr. L, Green Thunder)

[Count Bleck frowns and turns off the CD player]

- Mr. L: Uh, what’s up? You look a little off today.

- Count Bleck: [frowns] Someone stole Count Bleck’s pie, and he is determined to find out who.

- Mr. L: Your pie? [laughs] Not my problem.

- [Count Bleck gets alarmingly close.]

- Mr. L: Er, I mean… Well, I didn’t take it! I’ve been working on Brobot all night and I’ve got the modifications to prove it!

- Count Bleck: [narrows his eyes] You had certainly better be able to defeat the heroes this time.

- Mr. L: Of course. I’m not gonna lose to Mr. Loseshisgirlfriendallthetime again. I am the Green Thunder after all. [starts to walk away] Oh, uh, why don’t you go ask O’Chunks about the stolen cake-

- Count Bleck: Pie.

- Mr. L: Whatever! You know how much that guy eats.

- Count Bleck: Very well. I’ll let you get back to work.

- Mr. L: L-ater!

Scene 3: O’Chunks

- [Count Bleck walks into O’Chunks’ room. O’Chunks is busy working out. He pauses when he sees Count Bleck walk in.]

- O’Chunks: ‘Ey, Count. Wada yeh need?

- Count Bleck: O’Chunks, I need to speak with you.

- O’Chunks: What is it?

- Count Bleck: Did you steal my pie from the fridge?

- O’Chunks: Pie? Nah. Yeh know I kent stomach teh sweet stuff. I ain’t got a sweet tooth like yeh. [grins]

- [Count Bleck doesn’t look pleased.]

- O’Chunks: [starts to work out again] Oh, but, uh, I think I saw Mimi snoopin’ around in dere earlier.

- Count Bleck: [looks him threateningly in the eyes] Alright. But if you’re lying, I’m going to have Nastasia punish you again.

- O’Chunks: Urg. I don wan tah have tah sing again…

- [Count Bleck leaves.]

Scene 4: Mimi

- [Count Bleck encounters Mimi walking down a hallway.]

- Mimi: Hiya, Count! [notices his scowl] Oh! Why do you look so grumpy?

- Count Bleck: Well Mimi, Count Bleck is greatly displeased as someone has stolen his pie.

- Mimi: [cutesy smile] Too bad. Sucks for you.

- Count Bleck: [creepily] It wasn’t you, was it?

- [Count Bleck looks all creepy behind her. Mimi turns and notices.]

- Mimi: Nope, it wasn’t – Eeeeep! [nervously] I-It wasn’t m-me. [Count Bleck stops glaring] I saw it in the fridge, but I didn’t take it because it had a note with your name on it.

(Note says: “Touch this and die. ~ Love, Count Bleck)

- Count Bleck: [pats her on the head] I believe you.

- Mimi: [relieved] It was probably Dimentio. You know how that dummy-head likes to prank us. Golly, he probably took it just to mess with you.

- Count Bleck: Hmm, good point. I shall consider that. [starts to leave] Thank you Mimi.

- Mimi: See ya, Count!

- (All throughout the conversation, Mimi’s outfit changes constantly)

Scene 5: Dimentio

- [Dimentio is holding a lit match very close to his mask. His eyes sparkle with mischief. He laughs quietly to himself. Count Bleck slams the door open. Dimentio hastily hides the matchbook behind his back.]

- Dimentio: Eh heh… What can I do for you Count Bleck?

- Count Bleck: Dimentio… I know what you’ve done…

- Dimentio: And what would that be, hmm?

- Count Bleck: Tell me now, and I might be merciful.

- Dimentio: Like a toddler with his hand in the cookie jar, you’ve caught me. I confess that I’ve been reading all of your diaries. Did you know that Nastasia has a huge crush on you?

- Count Bleck: Eh, what?! No no, that’s not what I meant. [sighs and pinches the bridge of his nonexistent nose] Count Bleck demands to know if you have unjustly taken his pie. [points angrily]

- Dimentio: Oh no no no. Wasn’t me. Of course… I might be lying, and I might not be.

- Count Bleck: Bah! If it wasn’t any of my minions, then who could it be?! Nastasia is far too well-behaved for such things.

- Dimentio: Why don’t you talk to her anyway? She might have seen something, and I doubt she’d forget. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have something else to do. [prepares to leave]

- Count Bleck: [spotting the matchbook and snatching it away] You know you’re not allowed to play with fire.

- Dimentio: Hmph. You’re no fun. Well, I suppose I shall have to entertain myself in an even more devious way. Ciao~! [teleports away]

- [Count Bleck facepalms]

Scene 6: Nastasia

- Nastasia: You called, Sir?

- Count Bleck: Yes. Nastasia. I have a very important problem that needs solving. I’ve already questioned the minions, and now I need to know if you have my answer.

- Nastasia: K, um, what’s the problem?

- Count Bleck: [exasperated] Somebody stole Count Bleck’s pie! He was looking forward to eating that!

- Nastasia: Your pie, Sir?

- Count Bleck: Yes. Everyone else has already denied taking it.

- Nastasia: Um, was it a slice of cherry pie with some whip cream on top?

- Count Bleck: Correct, but how did you know? It-it couldn’t possibly have been you?!

- Nastasia: Um, no, but I got up for a glass of water last night and saw you eating it. You didn’t forget, did you?

- Count Bleck: Uh…

- Nastasia: Count! What am I going to do with you?

- Count Bleck: Well, this is truly embarrassing. It was Count Bleck who stole his own pie.

- Nastasia: How could you forget something like that?! Well, I guess it was three in the morning…

- Count Bleck: Now I remember. [wistfully] I had a wonderful dream about pie.

- Nastasia: I suppose you, um, could’ve been sleep walking, er, eating, that is.

- Count Bleck: Yes, well, I suppose apologies are in order.

- Nastasia: I hope you didn’t scare them too much…

Scene 7

- [At a minion meeting, in the meeting room]

- Nastasia: Attention! The Count has something to say to you all.

- Count Bleck: Um, Count Bleck apologizes for his behavior the other day. It was uh, er…

- Nastasia: Count Bleck ate his own pie in the middle of the night and forgot that he did.

- [Everybody bursts out laughing. Even Nastasia eventually breaks her composure.]

- Count Bleck: Yes, that. How embarrassing… [blushes for a moment] I hope it was delicious.

- [Everybody laughs again at his unintentional joke]

- Count Bleck: Is it really that funny? Oh, I suppose it is actually.

- [Count Bleck joins in on the laughs]

- Mimi: That’s our Count!

- (Insert goofy jingle here)


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