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me puedes regalar un top 10 de canciones para dedicar a mi novia

  1. Salvaje Decibel - La mirada del amor
  2. Apache y Canserbero - Stupid Love Story
  3. Chyste Mc - Ella 
  4. Godinez  - Compañera Combativa 
  5. Rapper school - Mi gran amor 
  6. Portavoz - Solo para ti 
  7. Los aldeanos - Solo tu
  8. Canserbero feat Liana Malva - Te quiero
  9. Chystemc - Adicto a ti
  10. Liricistas - La flor (con Dibujo MC)
  11. Gran Rah - Amiga
  12. Jonas Sanche - No sé por qué es pero es
  13. Stigma & Kifat - Amorguras
  14. Liricistas - Dime porque
  15. Apache y Canserbero - Uno por ellas
  16. Gran Rah - Estes Donde Estes
  17. Santa Rm - Me gustas
  18. Gran Rah - Tu (con Bonsay)
  19. Cestar - Eres la que quiero
  20. Dibujo MC - Piel con piel 
  21. Gran Rah - Bailas ft WH
  22. Nitro Mc - Para ti
  23. Cevladé - Enamorado
  24. Mc Unabez - un metro y algo más
  25. Nach - Amor libre
  26. Los Aldeanos - Necesito decirte una cosa
  27. Canserbero - Pensando en ti 
  28. OMEGA EL CTM - Comenzar de cero (con Ce)
  29. Canserbero - Querer Querernos 
  30. Portavoz - Este donde este
  31. Shamanes - Aun te amo

Ahí tienes unas canciones de rap romántico, elije la que mas te gusta y se la dedicas, hay mas temas pero me acorde de esos nomas, saludos.

Happy Mother's Day

To the single and partnered moms. The moms who got a surprise pregnancy and wondered how the hell they were going to take care of a kid but managed to figure out along the way. To the moms who put their dreams on hold to take care of their baby, and to the moms who conquered their dreams to do the same. To the struggling moms who do whatever it takes to make sure their child is good. To the moms whose babies aren’t technically babies anymore. Thank every last one of y'all for making the toughest job look so easy 🌷

I notice I love you more everyday. That’s probably the most cliché thing I’ve ever said but bare with me. I have so many days I wake up and wish I hadn’t. This is how it’s always been and how it always will be but I notice I love you more when Im falling asleep tangled in your limbs and I can’t wait to wake up smiling with you the next morning. I love you more when I’m too tired to give you my all so you give me more than you have. You warm my heart and melt my soul every day you hold my hand first or lean over to kiss my cheek. If I could purée my heart and pour it all out on the floor for you I would, but for now just know that it’s more.
—  I can’t tell you how much I love you, I can only tell you I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I will love you more tomorrow than I do today.