So we all know the incredibly iconic Rube Goldberg Machine music video, This Too Shall Pass by OK Go, right? I feel like it doesn’t get enough appreciation for how complicated and well put together it was.

The actual machine literally connected with the song by starting it, following the song’s feelings, as well as synced to the rhythm, hit certain beats, play part of the song, and end precisely on time. There was band integration in terms of the variety of material, and the amount of space used was incredible. Not to mention it was all filmed in only one shot, without any cuts once so ever.

The machine itself has 89 distinct interactions, so it took the team months to plan and set up. It took 85 takes to get it right on film, and out of those 85, only 3 successfully made it through the entire thing; in which time, 2 pianos and 10 televisions were destroyed in the process.

I just… I cannot explain how much respect and admiration I have for this music video. Thank you, that is all.

More specific information can be found in this Ted-Talk, in which Adam Sadowsky (the official director and main builder of the machine) talks about the process.

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