The vast majority of humans can’t process that kind of information. They can believe in all kinds of stuff. You know, gods, for example… angels, and demons, and dinosaurs, and the Big Bang theory and E=mc2, man. But that’s only because it’s not right in front of them. They’re not looking directly into the boiling core of the raw universe. So, confronted with that kind of reality, most brains just turn to mush.
—  Monroe to Nick S1E10 (one of the show’s many under-appreciated lines)

Nick & Monroe [Grimm] Something I Need

A Grimm and a Blutbad - Quite the odd combination but sometimes something out of the ordinary is exactly what you need. Nick Burkhardt & Eddie Monroe.

Song: Something I Need by One Republic

Taking a moment to sing the unsung praises of what an amazing character Monroe is. 

Let us begin in Season 1 where her role was minor, Monroe is chosen out of over 90 people to become a part of Bellamy’s militia on what is their first official mission ever. 

And she reacts reasonably, she is horrified at the death of a comrade, I won’t say friend since there is no allusion to if her and Roma had a friendship beforehand. But she pauses for only one moment.

 In the following episode she’s featured again and her first words are “We still have people out there.” That just shows me that though she may respect Clarke and her role as leader she will speak her mind instead of taking a command.

Then she’s chosen as one of soldiers to be right in the front lines of battle proving that Bellamy has deemed her to be deadly and a good fighter, strong.  

In the second season this is where my love for her grows by the dozens. In the second episode as her and Sterling are laying in the bushes waiting  she say’s three simple words “We are warriors.”

At first it comes out so shaky, you see the trembling in her body. But she repeats Bellamy’s words again to herself like a mantra, we are warriors, we are warriors. Until she can strike and she runs into battle again. And that tells me so much of her character, she does what she must despite her fear. She isn’t cold to it or unaffected by the bloodshed and death she see’s, like so many “strong female characters” in other shows, she is shaken by it. But she is brave and keeps going despite the shaking in her hands and that is a form of bravery much stronger then fearlessness. 

In Many Happy Returns she once again shows that despite how she follow’s Bellmay’s command she has her own moral code and her own reasoning and an ability to care for others. She decides to save this one strange girl who she knows nothing of. For the sole reason that a friend of her’s died to save her life is reason enough.

Then she’s shot in the thigh as Grounders attack and still she only lets herself have a moment of pain before she throws herself to help them pull Bellamy and Mel up. She’s literally doing this with a damn arrow lodged in her thigh, like I can’t explain to just how absolutely amazing and ridiculous that is, I cry over paper cuts dammit. 

What this show does so well is that even if Monroe doesn’t become a main character, hell even if she doesn’t become a second string character we still have enough moments in the background that she’s important to us.

We know that she’s an ace gunner, that she would probably follow Bellamy into any battle without blinking, that she is scared of what’s going on and probably feels like a small child when her fear overtakes her but she keeps fighting because her people need her in whatever small role she can do.  Monroe is not here to be be coddled or protected she is a warrior.