Banana Zero Music! - Autumn Song Quiz SP 2016.11.20 (Sato Masaki Segment) [Eng Sub]

FINALLY another subbed video! And it’s H!P since I wanted to catch up on H!P content. I wanted to do this when it first came out, but the mens’ fast voices made me shy away. But now that Maachan’s in hiatus, I felt why not give it another try? I still don’t know what everyone’s saying, but the generalness is there. I don’t wanna promise anything (especially since I’ve abandoned that big H!P subbed project back in fall for now >.<), but I’m working on another H!P-related project, so I hope to actually release that. :P For now, even though she’s resting right now, renew that Maachan love right now!

On the Autumn Song Quiz SP on Banana Zero Music!, the panel guess which song Morning Musume ‘16 member Sato Masaki has drawn for them! However, her drawing skills are quite cryptic…

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Preview of the collaboration between Sashihara Rino (HKT48) and Morning Musume’17 for the new AKB48′s album.

Even if I hated the idea of that collaboration (let’s be honest, I don’t like Sasshi but I respect her work as an artist), I must admit I’m absolutely in love with this preview. The song sounds like an AKB one but to be honest, I really like it.

The voice of Sasshi and Sato Masaki are really good together. I know the wotas won’t really be excited about it, but I hope we’ll get a PV for this song. Sasshi must have realize a childhood’s dream, everyone knows she loves H!P and MoMusu so much.

Now, I can’t wait to hear the whole version.


in case anyone wants to watch an hour of all the momusu singles to date