Vai, respira fundo. Uma, duas, três.. dez vezes se for necessário. Fecha os olhos e imagina uma cena bonita, qualquer coisa. Só não chora.
—  Sofia Eckart, neveando.
Acho que as pessoas mudam o tempo todo, sabe? Até eu mudei, mas não foi uma opção minha. Eu não acordei e pensei: “hoje eu vou mudar”. Foi acontecendo aos poucos. E eu não pude fazer nada.
—  Sofia Eckart.

“Douglas seems to be able to pick it up and live happily on sheer exhaustion. The secret of his energy is that he can sleep better than anyone I ever knew… he can put in eleven or twelve hours’ sleep and come up full of spring and energy.” — Gilbert Miller

“One of the characteristics he has inherited from his father is his ability to take a cat nap at any time of the day.” — Brian Connell, biographer.

Pizza delivery person Ike, because he sounds a lot like he’s saying “Great Pizza” instead of “Great Aether” in the Smash Bros games. He works at a local pizzeria that competes with a bunch of large-chain stores, owned by his dad. Oscar helps bake things. Titania does the accounting. Mist runs the phone. Boyd and Ike do deliveries. The other mercenaries alternate between running the register for pick-up orders and waiting on the (small) dining area, except Soren.

Soren is that skinny-ass person who’s too busy doing important shit to bother eating. Except, one day Ike goes to the wrong address and somehow Soren winds up with a pizza (“Nah, take it. It was my mistake. I didn’t realize that Goldoa Street and Goldoa Road were different places, and by the time I get there, it’ll be cold, anyways. Besides, you’re kinda skinny… could probably use some extra food”). He doesn’t care that much about the pizza, but is extremely attracted to Ike and starts ordering in a lot just so he can see him.

But Soren isn’t really one for eating a lot, so like his entire refrigerator is leftover pizza, and he saves all his receipts because they all have the address of Ike’s place of employment on them. Occasionally he will show up there and order like a salad or something and watch Ike when he isn’t making deliveries.

And then Almedha surprise visits, and she’s basically Ashnard’s trophy wife but she dotes on her children and once she sees the drawer filled up with receipts and the fact that Soren’s entire refrigerator and trashcan are just basically pizza, she is so happy that he’s started actually eating that she literally just BUYS the whole business by pulling strings so that the building rights belong to her, and then she gives it to Soren for his birthday or something.

Like, “Hey, sweetie, guess what I bought for your birthday? That pizzeria you like so much!”

“Gifts are unnecessary; I can buy my own food.”

“No, no, I meant the whole business, building and all. Now they can be your personal catering company, won’t that be droll?”

And Soren is completely and utterly mortified by it, just all, why mom. Why this.