It pains me to see the lack of news about MBLAQ.

First of all, with J Tunes throwing away all the trophies they ever won had me very very suspicious as to why they did this. In addition, to J Tunes Camp not even caring about the guys. Like a fan found their trophies at a flea market. Really JTC? Really now ? The trophies they worked hard on and won to just be thrown away is straight up BS.

Second, when MADTOWN went to GNI Entertainment this made me even more suspicious like why ?? Because the only groups at J Tunes Camp were Madtown and MBLAQ(on hiatus)

Then, I went on Wikipedia (which isn’t the best reliable I know) and to confirm the only remaining group since Madtown left is MBLAQ. TWO X been gone to another company and I just thought what is J Tunes Camp doing ??

Now G.O says J. Tunes does not exist any more. Soo they went bankrupt? And him, Seungho, and Mir will still be MBLAQ hopefully …

No words can explain how sad I feel because MBLAQ literally had me in tears from laughing so hard and always had me hyped and swooning over their songs and when they felt a great sense of accomplishment. JTC messed up big time with all of their groups. I’m glad TWO X and Madtown got out while they can. Just so hurt that MBLAQ was basically neglected & then all their hard work is gone … just does not matter to JTC any more.

And I do not know if this is true and I really need a video or some legit + creditable news source but Bi Rain is planning or wants to make another boy group ? Maybe by the end of 2018 this will happen. I don’t know if this is true but .. I just do not know how I feel about this. To be honest I’m more sad + confused than happy if he really wants to do this.

But overall, MBLAQ still has my heart through and through. They deserve better.

Frame & Book

Contains episode 1 spoilers and theories!

The first episode of Make it Right season 2 is out and subbed and the story is headed the way some of thought it would. Not cheating but Book holding back a secret from a past relationship that interferes with his current relationship with Frame.

In the trailer you see Tern (Book’s ex) recording them during a very intimate moment - that we can assume was in the past - a flashback. So the hints start very early as this being Books problem. He’s clearly bothered when Frame starts play as though he should record them - even though they’re not having an overt intimate moment. Book has trust issues. While he may care for Frame, he still doesn’t trust him an iota. We first saw this in season 1 when Book jumps to the assumption that Frame told his friends that they’d had sex just because the other boys started to tease them about being so close. It didn’t matter how demurred Frame was, or how much he protested otherwise…it wasn’t until the boys came and confirmed that they were just joking because Frame and Book were always together, that Book’s feelings/thoughts about the situation changed. These issues follow them into part two regards of being in a relationship now. When left alone with Frame’s phone, book’s need to reach over and delete the innocent recording is very transparent. It’s a sad thing to see because they’ve just had this great moment, they’ve had sex and Boom is in this blessed out state and then you could just see reality setting back in because Frame has left his phone unattended and opportunity has risen. It’s a battle, because on one hand if he picks up that phone it’s actively choosing not to trust his boyfriend, but on the other hand is that voice in his head that reminds him if he hasn’t trusted before he wouldn’t have been hurt previously.

They’re definitely in for some angst. While Book holds himself back because someone in his past who not only broke his trust and made him second guess his own judgement but who also made intimacy a tight wire for him - Frame on the other hand has thrown himself fully into this thing. He’s become the guru of relationships to his friends. He’s moved in with Book. He’s let his boyfriend academia rub off onto himself. Frame has always been the more open one between the two. Going back to season one - you def get this sense that Frame probably had a crush on Book but never thought he had any interest in guys - but the moment Book opened that door and reality became otherwise he made it his mission to create some kind of bond there and not let I be just one forgotten night. Beautifully he’s still as taken with Book, if not more so. He still hates for Book to feel even the tiniest bits of annoyance with him - and that we find is his own insecurities. He immediately gives in the second Book becomes upset with him. He worries about his presence not being liked. In fact in the whole story we never see Frame get upset/angry with Book.

This of course does not mean that Frame loves Book more. Or that Book doesn’t care. It’s just that they’re wounds make them react differently. Frames insecurities makes him more open with people with the hopes that they’ll be up front with him. While Book’s insecurities has his closing off to people in fear that they’ll show themselves be the same. Book’s fears don’t only rise from past lovers but also his family. There’s a scene where Book ask Frame if his parents don’t care that he’s living with him. The question seems innocent enough til you remember Books own lacking relationship with his parents. You def got the sense he wasn’t close to his parents, tho he was trying in season 1. I do wonder if we’ll get more of Book’s family in this part. Frame however, seems to have trusting parents. His grades are up and if he wants to surround himself in the person who has help him raise those stakes, then they’re all for it.

Intimacy is def gonna be a pressure point. And I don’t really mean that so much sexually, because yes Frame is a very sexual person and Book might have a hard time with that with his own past breathing down his back, but intimacy is an emotionalism, an openness, a comfort level. These are all the things Book is lacking in at the moment. And it’s not just about fearing what might happen but about his fear of Frame finding things out. It’s obvious he doesn’t want Frame to know his past, he hasn’t told him and the only time it was mentioned he shut that part of the conversation down. But this of course means that Frame will find out probably in the worst way possible - by seeing the actual video itself. He did notice the mark on Book’s shoulder so I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Blackmailed (Tern just looks like he’s gonna be a blacking troublemaker who will release that video) shows it to him himself and he identifies Book from that shoulder.

Of course I think they’ll grow past it. Book is good for Frame, he makes him happy. He gives his playful side an additional serious side. He finds book interesting. I think he wants not only to protect Book (often times in season 1 we saw Frame helping or protecting Book on some way) but to also be protected himself. No matter how different their interest are, I think Frame spots his own yearnings inside Book. While Frame with his relentlessness helps Book push the boundaries he has set up around himself. And don’t just mean allowing himself to have sex with a guy, or being sexually adventurous but things that seem much simpler - like friendship. Book has distanced himself from everyone else - he’s friendly enough but he lives on his own, he hangs out on his own, he’s never consistently around a number of friends like the others. Except with Frame. It’s Frame’s not backing down persona that leads Book to given in, longing for someone to care for him even while fighting it.