Scientists have a creative solution to help the melting ice caps — make more ice

  • When faced with the problem of what to do about the Arctic’s melting ice caps, a team of scientists from Arizona State University wondered — what if we just made more ice?
  • According to CNN, the researchers proposed a $500 billion initiative that requires the construction of 10 million wind-powered pumps that would recycle water from the sea and deposit it onto the surface of ice caps, where it would then freeze.
  • Steven Desch, an astrophysics professor who worked on the project, admitted his team’s solution would be nothing more than a band-aid, a temporary fix which wouldn’t do much to stave off the larger effects of climate change. But because the ice caps are melting so quickly, he thought it best that scientists do something, anything, to act fast. Read more (2/16/17 4:29 PM)

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