New Girl || p.p

Summary: In which Peter Parker embarrasses himself in front of the new girl.

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 1407

Comments: Sooo, this is basically really, REALLY cliché, but we all need a little cliché in our lives, amirite???

ALSO, get ready for an adorably flustered Peter b/c I live for that. Alright, moving onto the actual imagine.


He wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Not when he was so concentrated on school. He had no incline to find “true love.” No, not when all that was on his mind was that damn pop quiz last period - I studied for hours Ned and I still somehow forgot that formula - the piles of papers that were stacked up on his desk, suffocating in the work he honestly couldn’t care less about. There were people out there who needed saving - who needed him - but he was stuck writing another paper on some dead guy. He was too busy being stressed, being responsible, being a superhero than to concentrate on anything else in life.

He was a star student - honour roll, valedictorian? Kid, you’re gonna go places - pats on his shoulder from yet another A and the answers he said with such ease. He was a prize student - handsome too, but no one seemed to say that to his face - and he was planning on keeping it that way.

Late study sessions, spares used to remember something that was already seared into his mind - you can never be too sure. Peter spent so long to perfect everything he did, some deemed to question his sanity at times.

No one found it peculiar that Peter didn’t have many friends. He was always alone, always studying and balancing his second life to have time for them anyways. He liked being alone, swimming in thoughts that sparked up in the pits of his mind.

But not once had love popped up his mind.

Not until he met you.


You could call it cliché.

How this new girl would idle into the wrong hallway, too distracted by her surroundings to notice the boy rounding the corner just in front of her. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you want, but in that moment - distracted eyes and bustling thoughts - in that moment you both ended up where you needed to be.

On the ground, staring up into two brown eyes.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Your eyes gaze up at the boy in front of you, head spinning at the impact you had with him. You don’t know how to respond in all honesty; too caught up in your thoughts and feelings to even think about words forming on your lips.

“I - I’m fine. It’s no big deal.”

He stares down at you, nervously biting down on his lip. He hasn’t seen you around before - knowing he’d remember those eyes if ever saw them -mentally face-palming at the horrible first impression he gave to this girl. He scrambles to help you up, albeit and awkward in his demeanour.

You both stand in silence, quietly gathering your belongings as you both try to get away from this very… awkward situation.

He stares at you for a minute, not finding any words coming to mind. Just a minute ago, he was sprinting down the halls, mind set on getting to his AP Algebra class before the bell. But now that he’s here - with you - he finds that his class was long forgotten.

“Are you new here? I mean, I know I would’ve recognized you if you went here because, well, you are really pretty - I mean, er, um, I’m sorry. It’s just hard to forget a face, especially one like yours, I mean - wait, I -

Peter stares at you for a minute, before letting the words tumble from his lips, words too fast and sentences smushed together. He sighs loudly, mentally slapping himself at how lame and awkward he must sound. Before he embarrasses himself once more, he turns, letting a small sorry, see you around leave his lips before sprinting in the other direction.

He shakes his head, before turning back to you, a stunned look etched don your face.

“My class is this way.”

It’s the last thing he says before he’s off in the other direction, silently muttering curses under his breath.

You’re an idiot, Peter Parker.


“And you just… left her there?”

The figure stood dumbfounded at him, questioning the state of Peter’s brain capacity. Ned sent a glance over his shoulder, eyeing you as you sat alone at a table not too far from their own.

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know! I guess I just panicked…”

Peter’s mind was filled with thoughts of you, lightly smacking his head every time he heard your voice in his head. He wasn’t supposed to feel like this. No, he was too busy for girls, especially those with beautiful smiles and bright eyes and perfect hair and -


He couldn’t be thinking like this. No, no, no, no. He had to focus on his own life, not on this girl he didn’t even know the name of. He felt attacked, wanting to just rid himself of the many thoughts of you. You meant nothing.

And he wished his brain got the message too.

Soon, he pushed away from the table and stood, sending a farewell to Ned before walking out. He hit the side of his head multiple times, trying to rid his mind of your voice that seemed to be recorded in his head.

“It’s no big deal.”

He wishes that was the case. He really did.


He walked out of school feeling defeated.

He had not a clue of any of the homework needed for classes, nor did he remember if he was even assigned any in the first place. All he could remember was your face - a delicate cloud that floated around his head, too fragile and feeble that he was scared to touch it. He smiled at just the thought of you, his stupid, little sigh being replaced with a grump groan as he remembers how he completed blew you off in the middle of the hallway.

He thinks he saw you in math, but he’s been seeing you all day in the most absurd places, so he doubts it. He quickly runs his fingers through his hair, before turning a corner and running into a small figure.

Oh God, not again.

He stares at the girl sprawled across the floor in front of him, before catching her gaze, hearing a laugh recede from her throat.

“Is this just how we’re going to meet now?” You smile brightly, picking yourself up and off the gravel, rubbing the dirt from your pants. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were doing this on purpose.”

He’s speechless, to say the least.

“What? No, no, I swear I don’t want to bump into you. It’s just - well, I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to see you, but bumping into you really wasn’t my intention. Oh God, um, you see, you’re - how do I say it?  Um -” He looks up for a minute, catching your gaze before sighing in defeat. “I’m really not the best at talking to people, which I guess you’ve already caught onto.”

His hair is a mess from the countless times he ran his hand through his hair - you’re calling ten in his last ramble, though that truly wasn’t what you were focused on - seeing his rose tinted cheeks rising higher. You smile brightly, quite amused at how flustered you made such an attractive boy.

“No, I totally didn’t catch on,” you laugh, crossing your arms over your chest. “Is this always what happens when you talk to new kids?”

“Just the pretty ones.” His eyes goes wide for a second, before squeezing shut, body hunching into himself, hopefully being able to shrink small enough to never be seen again.

Peter would really like that right now. Very badly.

You laugh, before stretching your hand out. “Well, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Any words that could’ve left Peter’s mouth got stuck at the base of his neck, awkwardly attaching his hand to yours. He doesn’t say anything, prolonging the silence that filled the air. His thoughts are throbbing, heart beating up in his ears, watching you stare at him. Oh god, just say something!

“I’m Peter.” He clears his throat, swiftly removing his hand from yours and scratching the back of his neck. “Uh, Peter Parker.”

The smile on your lips grow, exceptionally happy to finally find out the name of the mystery boy who’s occupied your thoughts all day.

As your name slips past your teeth, Peter feels his cheeks heat up, replaying it over and over in his head.

He swears it’s nicest thing he’s heard all day.

Title: The Boy on the Bike (Barton! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader is struggling with a new school, a new position on the avengers, and catty girls. At least they have Peter.

Word Count: 1633

A/N: THIS ONE IS SO CUTE UGH I ACTUALLY CANNOT HANDLE? I never ever do Daughter of Clint Reader imagines so it was so fun, I hope you enjoy! 

You and Peter were laughing and talking about your first day of high school at Midtown together when your father blocked your path to the elevator, “I need to talk to you,” he said, shooting Peter a glare. Peter, of all people! He’d only become your closest, and cutest, friend.

“I’ll meet you up there?” Peter flashed your father a smile, his cheeks dusted pink as he snuck around his harsh stare to make a beeline for the elevators.

You stared after him, your cheeks burning a deep red color when Clint snapped a finger in front of your face, “I’m sure Tony can pull you from being an Avenger as easily as he can make you one,” he followed you down the hall and beat you to the elevator button, pushing it without taking his eyes off of you, “You know the rules about…about boys and what not.”

“Dad, come on! It’s my first day at a new school. Peter’s the only friend I have, he’s there for me! I can’t believe you think that…”you huffed, “What do you even think? Now that we’re going to be around each other so much that we’ll be dating at the drop of a hat and suddenly he’s at all of our family dinners and you can’t get rid of him? That’s it, right?”

Your dad’s face had gone scarlet, but you could feel the heat rising in your own face, “Okay, okay I get it. Let’s just stop talking about it,” he shuddered as you threw your backpack back over your shoulder and followed him out of the elevator, “But you do know the rules about boys, right? You’re not allowed to be alone at our house and we have to know when he’s over and no dating until you’re at least twenty-” you cut him off with a groan, covering your ears as you stomore off.

“Nat, tell dad he’s being completely delusional!” you begged, dropping your book bag next to Peter who raised a questioning eyebrow. You shrugged in response, biting your lip nervously as you unzipped your bag to grab homework.

Natasha nodded slowly, her hair falling in her eyes, “You are being completely delusional, Clint. Lighten up a little! I know she’s your little girl, but she can handle herself,” she smiled over at you, at least you had a cool aunt, “He only has your best interest at heart, Y/N. It’s hard for him to see you with a boy!”

“And we’re done here! Peter, we can do our homework in the common area,” your cheeks seemed to be painted permanently red as you led the way away from the two most embarrassing adults on the planet.

Clint smiled in satisfaction as Natasha chuckled, “Was it something I said?” she smirked after the two of you, while Clint sighed in relief. Maybe he’d scared you away from the idea of dating for a while.

“Psst. Y/N,” you perked up when you heard Peter whispering from the desk a couple of rows across from you, trying to get your attention in the middle of your english class.

He waved a piece of notebook paper folded in half at you, your name written carefully in large cursive letters. Your face lit up as he passed the note to the person next to him, who passed it to the girl sitting right next to you without even taking their eyes off of your teacher.

The girl sitting next to you already loathed you, hated you even. Her name was Megan and she even had a herd of other girls and boys alike that took to her opinion as well, even if they’d never talked to you. So, of course, she decided to read the note before passing it to you.

A smirk lit up Megan’s face as her eyes scanned the paper, passing it to you with total smugness. You eyed her suspiciously as you unfolded the note.

Peter looked at you nervously and gulped, his shoulders dropping in a sigh of relief when a smile took over your face. Your heart seemed to flutter as you read Peter’s handwriting over and over, trying to process what he had written.


Is it too cheesy to ask you out on a date via middle school note passing? I think it is.

Would you maybe wanna go on a date with me? You can even circle yes or no.



You looked over at Peter and gave him a radiating smile and a nod, your cheeks a bright pink color. Megan snickered next to you, shaking her head at the two of you. Peter’s cheeks were now painted a dark red shade as he slumped in his seat, the two of you counting down the minutes until the bell would ring and school would finally be out.

Megan was hot on your heels when you made a break for your locker, much like everyone else in the school, “Peter Parker and Y/N Barton, who would’ve thought!” she said, smacking the bubble gum loudly in your ear, “Especially since you’ve been here for what? Two weeks now? You two must know each other pretty well, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she was trying to get under your skin and figure you out, which was annoying you to no end.

You unlocked your locker and grabbed your things while Megan leaned up against the locker next to you, “Does he know you since your dad’s an Avenger and all? How?” You slammed the locker shut, cocking your head to the side. You watched Peter sling his backpack over his shoulder, talking to his best friend Ned while watching your exchange with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you want, Megan? Is it jealousy or something?” you sighed exhaustedly, watching her eyes go as wide as tennis balls and a laugh escaped her lips.

It was more of a petty laugh than anything else as she shook her head at you, her platinum blond hair swinging from side to side. Peter and Ned made their way over to the two of you, watching your face go pale and your eyes pool with tears as she spoke to you, “Jealousy? Jealous about what? Your dad is the most useless Avenger, and no one would want to actually date you, Y/N.”

“What’s going on?” Peter joined the two of you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as he cocked his head at the girl standing in front of you. He’d definitely overheard what she’d said to you, you could see it on his face, “First of all, I actually want to date Y/N. Second, Mr. Barton is a badass and one of the coolest on the team,” he huffed, smiling over at you sheepishly.

Megan didn’t even know how to respond, she kept opening her mouth as if she was trying to say something but no words came out. Her face had gone red and she looked down at her sandals, turning on a dime and walking away, her chin still high in the air, “I-sorry. I don’t know if that was the best idea I just-,” you cut him off by pressing a kiss to his lips, surprising both yourself and Peter. His eyebrows raised in shock and your cheeks turned red when you pulled away from him.

“Oh. Okay, I’ll just… I’ll just see you guys later!” Ned said nervously, giving Peter a wide smile before speed walking towards the doors. You laughed lightly, jamming things into your backpack to keep from looking over at Peter.

He jammed his hands nervously in his pockets, taking in a shaky breath, “I’m-I’m sorry. That wasn’t…sorry,” you said anxiously, speeding your words up so much so that they ran together and you weren’t sure that he actually heard you, “My dad says no dating until I’m twenty and my mom disagrees and Natasha is the only one who’s usually on my side and if you’re asking me it should be my decision but anyways, that doesn’t matter and I’m sorry.” You took a deep breath, Peter laughing quietly to himself as the two of you started walking towards the door.

“You know what? It’s fine. It’s 2017, he’ll come around. Where are we going for our first date?” you asked excitedly, bouncing on the balls of your heels with a wide smile on your face.

Peter smiled, his cheeks flushed as he looked at you, “It’s a surprise! I’ll see you at 7 tomorrow?” he was walking backwards, a wide smile on his face as you watched him step off of the sidewalk and turn to walk across the street to grab his bike.

“Watch where you’re going, Parker!” a small convertible screeched to a stop and Flash threw his arms up at Peter, your eyes wide as a gasp escaped your lips.

Peter jumped out of the way and watched as he sped off, waving frantically at you, “I’m fine, Y/N! All good! See you tomorrow!”

You shook your head, a laugh escaping your lips as you watched him place earbuds in his ears and speed off on his bike, “What are you looking at?” Natasha pulled up next to you in a sleek black car, pulling her sunglasses up to peer over at you. She looked over at the boy on the bike as you jumped in the car, biting your lip nervously, “Oh, Petey! What’s the scoop?”  She smiled widely as you took a deep breath, biting back a smile.

“You can’t tell, Nat. I mean it,” Natasha gave you her word, not taking her eyes off of you. At least she had the car in park, “I have my very first date! Oh God, I have a date.”

Loki x Reader

What if feels like (fluff)

“You know, I miss the time when we were children; nothing to worry about, no Tesseract, no Aether, dark elves” Y/N said to break the silence between them and the god of mischief who was sitting in front of a window that revealed the skyline of Asgard.

“Neither the Tesseract, nor the Aether were not present during our childhood, Y/N. We chose to ignore their presence, and therefore, we ignored their strength” Loki replied without taking his eyes off the realm he had desired to rule.

“I suppose you are right. However, present times are unusually rough. In all nine realms. Especially Midgard” Y/N spoke, wandering across the hall.

“Wherever there are powerful creatures, others will challenge them. That’s the case in all nine realms, Midgard is no exception” Loki commented absentmindedly.

“Tell me, Loki, when you fell from the Bifröst, why did you disappear? We all thought you were dead” Y/N asked quietly and added, “I thought you were dead.”

Loki turned his head around just enough to see Y/N’s reaction to his answer whilst smirking slyly: “Why? Did it hurt at all? Did you cry?”

Y/N stopped walking and looked at the black-haired god: “Loki, we grew up together. We played together, we fought together, studied together. Of course it hurt.”

Loki stared at Y/N, his gaze turned to a piercing one: “But did you cry?” His voice was sharp, a lot sharper than before.

Y/N raised an eyebrow: “Would you want me to cry over you?”

“You didn’t answer my question, Y/N” His voice had turned into an icy shiver.

“You never answer mine, so I doubt you can complain” Y/N retorted and walked towards him: “But next time you want to play dead for a few years, it would be very kind of you if you left a clue so I’d know that you’re still out there.”

“They think I am dead right now” Loki spoke with a sarcastic voice, “So you have your clue right in front of your nose.”

“Indeed. Thank you for sparing some of my nerves, then” Y/N said with an amused tone.

“So you were worried, Y/N?” Loki asked with a smirk and a hybrid of a pleased and amused voice.

Y/N laughed: “It’s as I said. Of course I was.”

“How was it?”

“How was what?” Y/N asked confused and sat down next to the black-haired man. His face changed – from the smirk, it changed to an attempted emotionless face, but one could see the bitterness in his eyes.

“How was it to lose me?”

Y/N’s gaze wandered to the skyline of Asgard in front of them: “It was… conflicting. On the outside, no one was really sure what to say. Some thought your death would bring peace to the realms.” Y/N knew that these words affected him.

“Of course they did-”

“But Thor and Frigga were incredibly sad. She lost her son, and he his only brother” Y/N added.

“I’m neither their son, nor brother. Just a relict that Odin wanted as a trophy” Loki said, each word dripping with bitterness and the taste of betrayal.

“They were devastated, nonetheless. And regarding me…” Y/N pressed their lips together, “I felt like I lost something of which I didn’t knew I had it.”

Loki’s eyes shifted, but Y/N couldn’t read his thoughts for now. His face was so emotionally blank, Y/N had no clue what was going on inside of his head.

Y/N sighted: “I asked Heimdall day after day if he saw you. But you were gone, he couldn’t see you. So after a few months, I reached the point where I had to come to terms with it. That I had failed to tell you that I… care about you.”

It was dead-silent after Y/N had said that sentence. Loki’s eyes were fixed on Y/N’s, probably trying to read their thoughts and emotions.

“You changed the tense there” Loki then pointed out.

“I know. That was intentional” Y/N sighted insecurely.

“If all you said is true, then tell me why” His voice was starting to change from soothing to fierce, “Why would someone like you care about the most despised traitor of Asgard that is not even an Asgardian, but a Frost Giant that neither ascends to the throne, nor has the cheerfulness or mighty powers Thor has? You could have chosen anyone, anyone but me who basically resembles the reject of Asgard!”

Y/N said nothing for a bit, simply looked at his broken expression. “Yes, I could have. Maybe I should have, really, considering the fact that by sitting here, I am pretty much on Odin’s wanted list. But I didn’t. It was never meant to be easy, and both of us are warriors. I don’t desire a throne, nor do I desire the power to rule the nine realms. Seems like a silver tongue does the trick, too.”

“They will throw you into the dungeons if they find out you had contact with me” Loki said and took Y/N’s hand.

“I know.”

“What is it you want to gain, Y/N?” Loki asked quietly, turning Y/N’s head in his direction.

“I wish I could give you a rational answer to that, Loki, but I fear I cannot” Y/N replied silently and smiled, “But I’m fine with not gaining anything but your trust.”

“You’ve gained that a long time ago.”

His lips were unsurprisingly cold, but passionate and gentle. Y/N pressed his hand slightly.

“So that’s what it feels like” Loki said quietly.

“To be kissed? This couldn’t have been your first one” Y/N said with a laugh.

“No, I don’t mean that. I’ve been kissed more than I’d care to count. No, what I meant to say was that this had to be the way it felt like to be loved” he replied with a genuine soft smile.

@ultrarebelheart I hope you enjoy this!!