Have some nerds

Cog is going to have a role during Kelly and Grey’s kid Halloween chapter, he will still be named Cog and is Marc’s friend, not rly a bff but he’s that one guy that always asks to borrow money LMAO

(I’ve been working on Ch 2 atm and Marcus already made an appearance)

first day in a new cover

“Ok, class that will be all for your first class today, read pages 1-25 of your Viking history text book and i shall see you all again tomorrow, dismissed” marcus said in confident tone dismissing his glass how his old commander used to dismiss him, marcus turned to clear off the black board til the sound of footsteps echoed through the door “Forget something?” marcus asked not bothering to turn around


Impldoll Azalea and Marcus customized to look like the characters AndrAIa and Matrix from Canadian animated series ReBoot! It was my first time working on such unique skin colors and my first try at painting facial hair, so please bear with me :) I also took a little bit of liberty with AndrAIa’s ears and facial expression.

A huge thank you to my client bumblebeeena for giving me this fantastic opportunity to test and improve my skills! I hope I did the original creators’ work justice with my interpretation of their characters.