Shelburne Hall and The Circle. Morningside Heights. Morningside Drive. I came across these two residences on Morningside Drive across from Morningside Park. Nice buildings and several other just like these in the area. We are in the same neighborhood as Columbia University. I have a feeling these buildings are associated with the campus.


new video today! makes sure to subscribe and like if you enjoy the song! My very first performance after moving to New York… I was so nervous!


Another day of warm weather as it graces in the city that never sleeps. There are many ways to enjoy the sun-filled season and still remain stylish.

Anyone can put together two different garments, it takes a little more thought to get the color and fabric combinations right. My favorite is the shorts suit attire, most especially during summer time. Clashing different colors, patterns and fabrics are just a few of the ways to display one’s sartorial flair. If you’re going for a smart-casual vibe, keep the suit looking modern and relaxed by adding a pair of crisp all-white trainers or moccasins into the mix. 

jacket / Zara
shirt / Ralph Lauren
sunglasses / Gucci
tie / Winners Circle Fashion
lapel pin & tie bar / Harrison Blake Apparel
belt / Allen Edmonds
chino shorts / Uniqlo
loafers / Meermin Mallorca


A few more weeks of heat in New York City and the brisk fall weather is approaching soon. The summer brought many sweltering hot days, thus wearing light colors are encouraged. I decided to wear a white lightweight cotton shirt along with shorts to stay comfortable during the weather. The blazer gives a more polished look for certain occasions yet remaining casual as well. 

The classic two-toned Datejust has a magnificent combination of real history, versatile style, and quality watchmaking. The jubilee bracelet exudes a much more dressier look but at the same time it can be worn casually. Personally I like to rotate my watches depending on the occasion or what I decide to wear during the day.

jacket / Zara
shirt / Cego NYC
chino shorts / Uniqlo
bag / Ted Baker
sunglasses / Gucci
umbrella / Brooks Brothers
belt & shoes / Allen Edmonds