New York at Night - Winter Cityscape

Winter can feel like an unforgiving season for outdoor photography. Daylight hours are short and the nights are often frigid and fraught with bitterly cold wind gusts.

When it comes to photographing urban landscapes, however, winter can be ideal. Summer months bring haze and humidity, which can limit visibility and give city-scapes a muddy look. In contrast, winter months are usually - …continue reading here…

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New York City Skyline at Sunset on a Stormy Evening

The sky was on fire that night

as the sun rode down towards the horizon

leaving a trail of glowing embers in its wake.

And our hearts were beating

to the rhythm of the skyline:

heart beats that traveled

up and down the

rising crescendos and diminuendos

of the tops of skyscrapers

resting finally

on the trailed off sentences

we uttered

as our lips met.

This is an older photograph of the New York City skyline during one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in the city. You can tell it is an older skyline photo due to the state of 1 World Trade Center which was in its infancy stages. It is interesting how architecture can date an image particularly when your subject matter is one of the most evolving and popular skylines in the world.

Prior to taking this photograph, I had gotten caught in a torrential downpour while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. As soon as I crossed the bridge, the rain stopped and the skies opened in a tremendously dramatic fashion to reveal a decidedly fiery sunset with a tiny hole in the clouds perfect enough for a plane to traverse. It was one of the most perfect moments.


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