Senkinek sem biztos a holnapja, sem öregnek, sem fiatalnak. Lehet, hogy ma látod utoljára azokat, akiket szeretsz. Ezért ne várj tovább, tedd meg ma, mert ha sosem jön el a holnap, sajnálni fogod azt a napot, amikor nem jutott időd egy mosolyra, egy ölelésre, egy csókra, és amikor túlságosan elfoglalt voltál ahhoz, hogy teljesíts egy utolsó kérést.
—  Gabriel Garcia Márquez

my mother tells me to buckle up, that i could die if we were in an accident. with little interest in dying, i do.
my mother tells me i’m her girl, that she would do anything for me. she says i’m her rock, her strength.
my mother starts drinking again. i discover my favorite bar food is a bag of nacho flavored combos, and a cherry coke. i become familiar with every bar in the area.
my mother tells me to bring her another beer. i comply with little resistance. i’m ten years old.
my mother drinks a thirty pack a day. she tells me i will never amount to anything. she tells me to kill myself if i’m unhappy. i try.
my mother tells me to kill myself if i really want to. i try again.
my mother tells me to buckle up, that i could die if we were in an accident. i don’t.

Preference: Being Insecure (Marauders)

Warnings: Self conscious, scars, disliking self

Requested: Yes

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He’d be having none of it. James would always list all the things he loved about you, from head to toe. Knowing the exact right thing to say, what tears meant (“these are face tears” *queue long list of face compliments*). Every time he saw you crying he’d add a new thing to the list, he’d make you list things, he’d write you little notes and leave them on your pillow or mirror. He made sure you knew just how gorgeous and perfect he thought you were, how kind, supportive and loving of him you were. But he was James, so every now and then there was a “I mean, you managed to get this gorgeous specimen, soo…”

Sirius would be kind of confused. He’d never felt self conscious himself and never, really, thought of others being self conscious. So, when he saw you sat in front of your mirror crying, it was a shock and a half. This perfect girl, who didn’t have a single flaw in or on her body, was crying because she thought she was ugly. He’d wrap his arms around you, whispering in your ear. Holding you so tightly it felt the world could never hurt you, whispering reassuring words in your ear. From that moment on he’d never fail to complement your appearance- whether it was date night (“well don’t you just look gorgeous”) or as you were dozing off to sleep (whispering “beautiful”). He never failed to make you feel beautiful.

Remus’ heart would break when he saw you shying away from the mirror. Looking away when you walked past in your undies to get your uniform, never quite catching the reflection. He had scars all over his body, he knew what hating your body felt like. But you’d helped him love his body, he could only do the same for you. He’d make a point to look at you and tell you every little thing he loved, tender kisses on your least favourite places and slowly making you stand in front of the mirror with him and allowing him to whisper ‘gorgeous’.

Peter would see you crying, tell you he agreed you looked ugly and tell you you’d look cuter with a flatter nose (y’know, like Voldemort).