Kangnam 😂😂

I’m so sad that M.I.B disbanded, though not very surprised. They were all so talented and a very promising group, but Jungle ent did a really horrible and especially unfair job at managing and promoting them, which screwed them up the most. Other than that, though it’s hard to admit, I think the members weren’t very close with each other. Zick seemed like a total sweetheart who was genuinely friends with the three others and especially with Sims, but even from the beginning I got the feeling that Kangnam and YC kinda disliked each other and Sims wasn’t that close with those two either. Anyway, I wish all the best for all of them even though I’ll only continue following and supporting Zick and YC.


Jonghyun on Kangta Starry Night Viewable Radio 170511


170810 - Kangta’s Starry Night Radio with Taemin