[ENG] 160724 SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Update

[SEVENTEEN] ‘식스팩’ 멤버들과 함께한 인기가요 Special Stage! 오늘 무대 너무 즐거웠고 모두들 수고많으셨습니다~!  #디노 #식스팩 #Special_Stage #응원_고마워요

[SEVENTEEN] The Inkigayo Special Stage today with the 'six pack’ members was very fun and everyone worked very hard~! #Dino #Sixpack #Special_Stage #Thanks_a_lot_for_cheering

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Do you kind of feel like as the show moves forward that you kind of have job security now? “I mean, I think TV is a job. It’s the writer’s job to create conflicts, or nobody would be watching the show. I mean, job security as an actor and in tv it’s almost non-existent. I think everyone’s always vulnerable, because we live in a scary world in Purgatory. Nobody’s safe, there’s demons! You know, so I think I have no more job security than anyone else…”