Lance canonically has little kids in his family. Little kids that he left behind. The kid on the left is like a carbon copy of Lance… Do you think that kid is Lance’s favorite? (Lance is probably close to both of them though.) Little kids grow so fast… By the time he gets back to Earth, they won’t be the babies he left behind. How often does Lance think about that? Does he ever think about how much he’s missed?


Just on point bruhhh  😂💀


@thewalfofwoodstreet tagged me for phone background, selfie and song pics.

Car for phone background, duh.

Post gym selfie waiting for Steak ‘n Shake.

Crown the Empire’s new album and one of my favorite bands and songs Zero. I cannot express how much I love these guys. I’ve listened to them since their first album, I’ve met the band multiple times and talked to Andy personally to see how cool they really are. (If you’re not into the heavy stuff listen to Satellites act III)