Hearts Wide Open

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Part 8 - The Deepest Secrets

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1,795
Warnings: language, mentions of adoption, mentions of cheating, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of giving birth
A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted this! There will only be maybe 4 more parts left of this! I hope you enjoy! Anyway, feedback is super cool :)

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京急羽田空港駅 by gol-G


Sunrise Comes Soon by Walter
Via Flickr:
My view over Lake Mendota. Sunrise is still an hour away. A 4 minute exposure.

themusicalbookworm  asked:

Kazubisha in FMA-verse for 3 sentence fic thing. Pls. I have a need ;___;

*answers this tonight because Kazubisha* 

Yes ;_______; Thank you, Gio~ <3

“V… iina,” he gasped as he stuck his fingers into his torn neck to staunch the seemingly endless flow of blood that had begun to pool around him, “Please… I’m not… You can’t…”

Through his blurring vision saw her tense, and he knew that his silent message had been received. That by uttering the name of endearment he had bestowed upon her, he had quietly begging her, not as a subordinate, but as her partner, to just… let him go…


Waterfall by Yahiya Tuleshov
Via Flickr:
Wide Hope waterfall near Edlingham Castle, Swinhope bridge

One more contribution to Wide-Eyed Wednesday, with a bonus dose of Twelfth Doctor eyebrows. For some reason I found this screencap I made a bit funny because for some reason what Twelve is doing here with his psychic paper reminds me of Inspector Clouseau in the Peter Sellers films when he’d show his ID in front of his nose.

I know Sleep No More isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it for a couple reasons. One: there’s some quality Whouffaldi moments to be had (Clara really looks excited at the prospect of a space restaurant). Two: you get to imagine that you’re face to face with Clara and the Doctor.