u know what’s awful is I hate sleeping bc I feel like I could get a lot more done if we didn’t need it to survive, and like, 7-8 hours is annoying enough, but due to lack of physical and mental health, my body usually needs 9-12 hours so it’s like :))))))))))))))))))))))))) kill me


Week 13 –
Buccaneers 28 Chargers 21

The Bucs mounted a 4th quarter comeback over the Chargers for their 4th straight win. The Bucs and Falcons are both at 7-5 in the NFC South, but the Falcons hold the tiebreaker because they have a better record against division opponents.


  • QB Jameis Winston 20/30 for 280 yds, 1 TD and 1 INT
  • RB Doug Martin 17 carries for 45 yds, 1 TD
  • TE Cameron Brate 6 receptions for 86 yds, 1 TD


  • QB Philip Rivers 15/26 for 225 yds, 2 TDs and 2 INTs
  • RB Melvin Gordon 17 carries for 84 yds, 1 TD
  • WR Dontrelle Inman 2 receptions for 49 yds, 1 TD
    WR Tyrell Williams 2 receptions for 47 yds, 1 TD
  • lin manuel miranda: legacy. what is a legacy? it's planting seeds in a graden you never get to see. I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me, america, you great unfinished symphony
  • lin manuel miranda: i could cut the shower door open with my nipple

“And in that last moment, the snag that keeps him from going there is Eliza. Because… he leaves her behind with a lot.”
— Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton’s America.