140107 LUNAFLY’s Sam & LC9’s Eden are “rivals for 2NE1’s CL on Arirang Radio Super K-Pop

(Starts at 16:45)

Host (LUNAFLY’s Sam): Please describe your ideal type of girl

E.Den: I have one, my ideal type changed a little bit.

Sam: It changed, How?

E.Den: You know how there’s been uh, like the year end performances for each broadcast station? So I saw the SBS one, I saw it and there was like CL and Lee Hyori sunbaenim.


E.Den: But CL solo, I went crazy. I like the fashion and she has that aura.

Sam: Yes she does have an aura. Yes, so CL is like your perfect girl?

E.Den: Yeah, right now yes.

Sam: I am your rival now, because CL I love CL as well.

LC9 is a South Korean pop boyband formed by Nega Network (same label as Brown Eyed GIrls). The group consists of six members. Their name, LC9, means League of Competition #9. They debuted on May 9, 2013 with "MaMa Beat” on Mnet M! Countdown. The music video was released on the same day.

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Yun - Remember Me
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“Yah, I think the weather it getting worse,” You swallow, looking up at the dark sky. It has been raining for a while, but it continues to come down harder and harder as time goes on. Lightning lights up the sky, making you jump in your seat. You always hated storms. Nothing good happened during them.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost to the cafe, then you can get your favorite coffee and I’ll even buy you a cheesecake if you want.” Yun grins, looking at you for confirmation.

You squirm in your seat. “Alright, just keep your eyes on the road!”

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Holy Crap! Awesome Job LUNAFLY!

Coming from someone who is Hispanic and completely loves the original song,you guys have my full respect *Claps*
Jesse & Joy would be proud :D

@0:50 My mouth dropped open, Yun your pronunciation was perfect!
Going to have this on repeat for a while~~~~


Lunafly - One More Step