20 more Larry or suspicious moments

#1 The really strange audio/video that has been in the fandom for forever. They all start talking about who’s single/taken and Harry says he’s Louis’ boyfriend and management’s like “We’re gonna have to take that bit out.” See for yourself below.

#2 “Your bi?” An interview where they all said bye, then Harry turns to Louis’ and says “Are you bi?” Video

#3 “Harry hurry up!” During a call on the radio with Harry on his birthday, Nick asks him what his favorite thing to unwrap is. He responds with “I don’t know if I can say that on the radio.” And before he says that, there’s Louis in the background saying, “Harry hurry up!”

#4 “I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate, isn’t it Eleanor?” During OTRA in AU Louis was out clubbing with Eleanor and came back to a hotel. Supposedly he was talking to a fan who asked him his birthday and he said “Same day.” And the security was just telling the fans to be quiet. But why would Louis need to say “isn’t it Eleanor”? Listen for yourself. 

#5 “Cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend,” lyric change. While singing I Would, Louis made a interesting lyric change. Listen below.

#6 That freaky moment in Japan where they tried to get 10 seconds on a timer and Larry were .03 seconds away from each other. Another reason why they’re always so in sync.

#7 “Me and Harry are together and my girlfriend isn’t real.” During an interview Louis said this. He was supposedly joking. but there’s always some truth in a lie. Here.

#8 “I’m bisexual” Harry moment. When harry was asked what orientation he was and he said “bisexual.” Management tried to get rid of it but we got a gif

#9 “I’m in love with Lou and all his little things.” Only the greatest declaration of love. And Louis face omg. Here

#10 “Are you and Louis dating?” A fan asks Harry this and he nods and she says “you are?” Harry nods again and says “yeah.” She then says “I figured” and he smiles. Here

#11 “I loved you first.” Also known as the Haylor time. Promoting their new album Louis is very upset and it’s very visible. He’s then asked what his favorite song is and he says, “I loved you first.” Meaning Harry is his and he loved him first. Also note that the song is only ‘Loved you first” there is no “I” Here.

#12 The mask moment. When Harry and Louis were both given masks and chose to kiss each others face. Through the mask of course. 

#13 The cheerleader. When Harry and Louis were talking and Harry said “I was dressed up as a cheerleader. Wait, no. That was last night.” 

#14 Melbourne crying. During the concert in AU Larry both looked super sad. If you want pain Here.

#15 Handshake. When Louis was crying on stage Harry went to comfort him, but he was told by management to shake his hand instead. Here.

#16 Salt and vinegar. During a concert Liam asked Louis what flavor Harry was. He said “Ummm, salt and vinegar?” Which is super weird to say that about your band mate right? Here

#17 I dropped my um…. So Harry was tell a story about how he picked up and dropped off someone, because no reason. After he got his license. Honestly what even was that? Sounds like he was trying to say boyfriend but couldn’t. I wonder why… Not to mention how odd Niall looks lol.  Here.

#18 Serenading during 1d day. Oh man, that was so painful. Not subtle at all Harry. Of course it’s little things and of course his entire body is faced towards Louis, and sings to him the entire time, and possibly says him? Here.  

#19 Early bird gets the worm. Ok, Louis says this during an interview in Germany about getting up in the morning. The reference is known about waking up before your partner to give them head. Totally normal thing to say. 

#20 1d radio. While wandering around the MITAM loft that 1dhq put online, people stumbled across a radio that played the iconic Larry denial. The fan fiction with the seriously genuinely thing that Harry and I are in a relationship. Here 

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