It’s almost June and I’m still waiting for: 

  1. their picture with david beckham from harry’s party
  2. a picture from laiport2k15 from INSIDE THE GODDAMN PLANE
  3. a hq version of the “will you ever fuck me again?” episode in sydney
  4. why we got several denials over the past couple of weeks but no one bother denying that ONE 5-years-old rumor
  5. a hq pict of harry’s tight tat
  6. a selfie
You know what fucks me up?

the xfactor era, that is.

I just can’t fathom the wild entirety that this magnificent time was

because they just were so young and beautiful

just look at them looking at each other, how painful is that

seeing these kids fall in love right in front of your eyes

they look so earnestly and intensely happy with each other

*war flashbacks of that interviewer in 2012 touching Louis’ leg which caused to bring out Dark!Harry to make clear that Louis was his* this is where it all started

Casually being held by your best friend you kind of have your first real crush on

[faint screaming] ”mirrooooors”

yes, Louis, Harry will make all your dreams come true and yes he is the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on

In brevity, they were utterly in love as far as I am concerned.

They were always supporting and reassuring each other

like ‘I’m gonna give my boyfriend a tight squeeze in the dip of his side to tell him he smashed it tonight.’

*squeeze in the side* ”I’m totally in love with you and I just wanted to say how amazing you did.”

*grabbing collar and inconveniently looking for eyecontact* ”yes, love, you did so great too today”

*contently sighs with glee*

The way Louis just firmly /grasps/ Harry’s arm just knocks me out.

Just, how fucking sweet is that. Who even decided this would be a good idea it’s sO PAINFUL. 

Ah yes, the legendary hugs

May I very kindly note that that thumb of Louis holding on for dear life on Harry’s back is still there after all those years

Excruciatingly painful is what I calll that.

Now, the actual reason I started this post is the goddamn handholding taking place

I mean like come on guys, how the fuck are we supposed to think this is platonic bro pal love when Harry’s over there very visibly holding Louis’ hand in a random interview with heart eyes. 

Yup, just leisurely moving my hands to be able to feel my fellow bandmember’s hands lovingly stroking my thumbs and all

I see you, Tomlinson, trying to unnoticedly show some love. The panic when he looks in the camera is priceless.

I mean, what does it matter anymore, the fact that we’re on national television can’t stop us.

I don’t even know if this is legit, but it nicely fits in I think

The bottom line: this post is a mess and basically an excuse to share my frustrations on the handholding in the early days of larry.

I thank you greatly for sticking with me and all credit goes to the gifs’ owners.