louis’ voice is honestly unlike any other voice that i’ve ever heard and it’s incomparable to any noise or object or anything else like… it’s so raw and pure and soft yet strong in a way that i still can’t fully understand and it’s just so unique and you can hear him improve and let go a little more during each performance and i’m just so glad that i’m alive at a time where i have the privilege to be blessed with the sound of louis tomlinson’s voice


Just watch Louis in the mirror he’s such a little shit I love it 

anonymous asked:

do you think it's true that Louis doesn't need much seeding when the time comes? people say he just needs one or two ambiguous sentences


It all depends on how they end up babygate. I’m sorry if I look boring while repeating that so often, but so much depends on that! Literally. 

Louis before babygate simply needed something as the “I’m gay, it’s unfortunate” vine. Louis after babygate could either need 2 years of seeding or a papped picture of him and Harry walking down the street.