Louis the Baker 

Louis is the baker of Villeneuve. He’s an old, honest man who runs Villeneuve’s bakery like his father before him. He’s gentle, kind and big-hearted, but he’s also a bit gruff. At first thought in fact, you might think that he’s nasty, or rude, but he’s just shy and has some issues with his temper. When you get to know him better, you’ll see what a nice and fatherly man he is.
He had a great crush on Camille, the mother of LeFou. When they were kids, he used to give her bread and sweets for free, without asking his father. Everytime he did that, he used to punish him, but he did not mind because he loved her. She has always considered him a friend and a friend only. They were very good and close friends but Camille never said yes to his proposals (and he was too shy to reveal his feelings, by the way).
When Camille met Hugo, the father of LeFou, he began to become more protective to Camille. He was sure that Hugo was a trickster and a bad person, and he did give some advices to Camille, but she did not listen.
When LeFou was born, then, he started to act as a sort of second father figure to LeFou, protecting him from bullies and from his father himself, giving him some bread and sweets (as he used to do with Camille) and always having an eye on him. This relationship might have continued in years and in the BATB canon, as we can see in the scenes of “Gaston” in which we see Louis being confident with LeFou in several scenes.
LeFou is a friend of Louis and every morning he buys a baguette and two croissants, as a thanksgiving for all that Louis did for him and his mother in years.

Larry Stylinson Quotes

“My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson. Mutual, we’ve discussed it.” -Harry

“Now kiss me you fool.” -H

“Between me and Louis who’s in front and who’s behind?” -H
“I think we kind of share that really.” -L

“I’d describe him more as funny and handsome and rugged.” -H

“No, of course he’s hot.” -L

“Harry’s getting head.” -L

“Did somebody kiss you there?” -Interviewer
“I gave him it.” -L

“And I’d marry you, Harry.” -L

“I’d take Harry For the night.”
“I-I sstill have trouble handling him in-in the night.” -L

“What were we doing yesterday?” -Niall
“Trying to walk.” -L

Harry: “Hands and knees for two days straight.”
Louis: “Ee didn’t- notnt sjejfhfhfj

"I’d date Louis.” -H

“ ‘cause I can love you more than Stan.” -H

“Good lad, good lad, nice lil’ body.” -L

“I’m very fond of a certain curly haired boy but I don’t want to jinx it.” -L

“Lou can I give you a blowjob?” -H
“I’d love it if you just wait.” -L

“ 'cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend-” -L

“Where do you want to sit?” -H
“Next to you.” -L

What were your favorite rides at universal? -Fan Question
“You were mine.” -H

'Always in my heart Harry, yours sincerely, Louis’

“I had to go pick up my, um, b- you know-”

“And she’s really hot. Louis too.” -H

“And everything about him.” -L

“He’s a whole other level of charming.” -L

“Cause you’ve got that big dick.” -L

“Harry, are you good with your hands?” -Fan Question asked by Liam
“Really good.” -L

“You tried baby.” -L

“I think he’s always wonderful, and always curly.”

Harry: *sneezes three times*
Louis: “Get them sneezes out”

-Louis and Steve performing Just Hold On at Ultra.

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