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WHat is the story about the dorm address and the chickens i haven't heard it before, please tell!

Oh boy anon have you been missing out. The toy chicken saga is probably my favourite bts story it is pure gold! so sit back and enjoy 

Basically this all happened on twitter

bts became obsessed with some gaming app called crossy road

and i’ve never played it but i assume the chicken is the mascot or something. so anyways bts really really liked this game especially the plushy chickens so they tweeted out their actual real life exact dorm addresses (edit: I’ve been told this is actually big hits company address not their dorms! Sorry for the confusion) to the creator of the game begging for chicken plushies. i am dead serious.

but it gets better!! so bts do get their plushies and look how happy they are

and once they’ve gotten what the needed they actually go and UNFOLLOW the creator of the game.

and the poor man didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out.

so yeah bts wanted the chicken plushies so badly they tweeted out their private dorm address for them and once they got the plushies they unfollowed the creator of the app. i am not even kidding. seriously you can’t make this stuff up. only bts. 

Losers - 2

→ Reader x Yixing

→ After accepting a dare to seduce the quiet, mysterious boy in your class, you discover that you unknowingly signed up for so much more.

→  Pt. 1 - Pt. 3

Word count: 2,6K

The school bell was obnoxious in your ear as you jogged out of the classroom, hot in Yixing’s heels. From behind you, you could hear your friends’ questionable grunts and scoffs but you paid them no more mind. No more. Yixing had been so right; the truth of his words tumbling over your head like boulders.

Your mind was hot and heavy as you jogged down the hall, with worries and doubts about Yixing, the outer zone, the rebellion- everything. You thought back to that day, one week ago and the weird atmosphere that laid thickly over the two of you as you stumbled home; 

“I’m a part of the rebellion.” 

The ground crumbled underneath you, leaving your eyes wide and mind confused. “Yixing-” 

“And I don’t want you to associate with your friends from now on, this is not a warning - it’s an advice.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows, mouth agape and cheeks stained. “Yixing.” 

“You’ll go back to them and you’ll feel like an alien; you’ll know, you’ll be aware of the truth; what’s really out there. And they won’t. They won’t know the things that you do.” The passion in the way he voiced himself only served to reveal that he spoke from experience. He stared weirdly at you, his dark irises trained solely on your frozen form as he paused. 

“Let’s go.“ 

And then he was off, trudging over the clean grass, leaving you alone in the aftermath of your shock. Yixing was in the rebellion. How? He was a rich, privileged citizen of the inner zone - his family was one of the richest and most important in the city. Why? 

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Losers - 3

→ Reader x Yixing

→ After accepting a dare to seduce the quiet, mysterious boy in your class, you discover that you unknowingly signed up for so much more.

→  pt. 1 - pt. 2

→ Warnings: Violence and blood.

Word count: 2K

Your heartbeat and Baekhyun’s excited whispers were loud in your ears, your fingers tight on the edge of your adorned black bandana. Your eyes quickly found Yixing’s as your feet started to hurt from the uncomfortable crouching position. 

“The car will be here any minute, the food is placed in the open back.” He explains to you, his hand calming you as it held onto yours. “When we see it, I’ll count to three and we’ll all jump to action. Me, you and Baekhyun on this side and Chanyeol, Jongin and Jongdae on the other side. Ready?” 

You hesitated to answer, breathing out deeply to calm any nerves just when the loud motor of the car sounded not too far away. Yixing nods, first to you, then to Baekhyun before staring to count loudly; “1, 2..” 

You tensed the muscles in your feet, standing up along with Baekhyun and Yixing just as he counted to the last number; 


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—-So Taylor is going to experiment with pop, hip hop (?) and rock on her next album. She’s been recording in ‘secret.’ Have we not been saying that for months?!?—-

We also have been saying October 13 is most likely going to be the album release with a single in late July/ first of August. Business as usual. If the media is going to use us as ‘sources’ the least they could do is @ us.