When the clouds roll in by Victoria J Baxter


The Peaks 20/05/2017 by Matthew Dartford
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Underisolation! Lone

Name- W.G Sans

Age- Early 30′s

Gender- Male

Race/Species- Skeleton 

Soul trait- Integrity and Kindness

Abilities- Gaster Snake, Pyromania(fire magic), Bone Baton

Personality- Though looking very intimidating, Sans is actually generous and kind. Just the world he lives in is where kindness is a sign of weakness so he gives off a rebellious vibe and a very hostile. Very stubborn and unlikely to follow any directions or orders from someone

Background- He’s an experiment of W.G Gaster created to be part of Gaster future family. He was a combination of gasters Dna along with a wolf and lizard dna.  Lone use to be a very cheerful child who was very active and happy like his brother and ‘father’ But after a tragic accident causing a disappearance of his father and many lives were killed by his hands from a corruption, his inner child was slowly dying. Now he has to pretend to be what others want he so they wont lose respect. The brotherly bond he had was soon died as well, as a result of abandonment and constant arguing. He is highly aware that his world is a video game where the people of the outside was the controllers of the resets and not the child of determination. He is second in command of the alpha unit but barely live up to his duties and mostly slacks off. His left eyesocket was damage by the virus within the core which created a dark doppelganger who tortures him mentally by giving him nightmares which leads to sleep deprivation

Likes- Singing alone or with with someone he knows very well, Reading, drinking alcohol, science, and the quiet 

Dislikes- Open water, nightmares, abandonment, being alone, disappointing others


Empty Space by Jim Semonik
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Roadside Texas