Legend of Korra - Kuvira theme song | cover by ForTiorI
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Jeremy Zuckerman forwarded me this badass, modern metal cover of his Kuvira theme by ForTiorl. I’m confident a certain badass, modern metalbending militaristic dictator would dig it too.

Lok/Supergirl parallels

- Tenzin is J'onn the level headed protective paternal figure and one of the last of his kind
- korra is Kara the immensely powerful but deeply troubled with great responsibility and has a team of people behind her
- winn is clearly Bolin the sweet gullible and lovable guy who has a crush on his super powerful friend but backs down respectfully when she isnt interested
- Asami is Lena Raven haired beauty who is thrust into owning a company because her family runs a terrorist organization that tried to eliminate all benders/aliens. Her business suffers and she tries to redirect it because of her family. People are suspicious because of this and she uses electricity to protect herself like a badass and she and that super powerful friend are endgame and amazing friends and couple


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