What's in a Name?

Rating: K

Word Count: ~600

Summary: Korra works on the paperwork for the marriage license for her upcoming wedding with Mako, when she discovers a major snag. Crackfic, fourth-wall breaking.

Author Note: Not to be taken seriously. I’m serious.

( (ao3)



“Mako?” Korra bit on the end of the pen in her hand.

“Yeah, sweetie?” Mako leaned over her shoulder and placed a gentle kiss on the side of her neck.

She had a small stack of paper in front of her on the coffee table. Mako had proposed just a few weeks ago, and now the crushing reality that they had to actually get their act together and get things ready for them to be wed officially. To say that the task in front of them was overwhelming was an understatement. There were venues to book, cakes to try, and caterers to schedule. But first, they needed to be sure that they could get married in the eyes of Republic City.

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