There is no con season without an obligatory Legend of Dragoon print!

This game was such an important part of my teenage years, I love every aspect of it, be it the awesome concept of addition attacks, the wonky but complex storyline, the nonsensical armor designs … this game is perfect. It’s a shame they never got to make a sequel (or a prequel! the first dragoon war would have been amazing)

ANYWAY. Here it is. That’s an awful lot of pink.

Available on Etsy <3


“We want to tell them about the complicated side of Israel, but we need to do this gently.” She says.

I wonder if

The IDF are gentle

When they beat a Palestinian child’s father to death.

I wonder how

Palestinian mothers can be gentle

When they hide their sons from the military on their roof tops.

When they are shot, do the bullets hit them gently? Do they situate themselves in nonlethal places?

When they realize “I am different”, and that this affords them differential treatment, is this a gentle thing?

Does it land like a dove’s feather in their hand?

How is it to be soft

in a world that was not made

with you in mind?

Yui is like crying as much as Minegishi and the thing just makes me wanna cry too, ‘cause, like, she’s so cute and adorable and nice and she always cries when senpais graduate, she’s so humble and always trying her best, and with this new title which Minami totally threw on her without asking permission or anything she’s been shitting her pants for more than a year by now, and she’s gradually seeing all senpais graduating despite, much like Jurina, she has been sharing with them so many experiences and harsh and happy times, she’s just so invested and so lovely I just wanna hug her for 3hrs honestly. 

When Minami pointed her out to Kojima to let her see how much she was crying and Kojima handed her the mic asking her to say something and Yui kept just staring at her and then let out a tiny, too fucking heartbreaking and adorable: “suki” I legitimately screamed.