the 2 guns i got were actually the 2 i wanted most which is v v good bc guns have like. an obscenely low drop rate of like less than 1% and it takes an hour just to get enough to buy one drop

im fucking pathetic and weak and had money on my account so. i bought the bundle, and in addition to the guaranteed gun i also got a second gun in the 10 rares and i think it was worth

actually you can guarantee a ranged weapon if you spend 500 cryptokeys which. for reference. it takes like an hour to just get 30 this is a fucking pathetic attempt to get ppl away from the tf2 beta

peach is so much more comfortable than this website. add me @ unown and feel free to comment and chat with me, i’m so much more happy to talk to people on there.


i have seen a lot of posts saying like “oh don’t make fun of/derail mlm positivity posts!” which is fine but i have literally never seen that but what i HAVE seen is dozens of examples of men intentionally mocking wlw posts/blogs and then immediately turning around and stealing our formats and ideas