32 years ago today  Live Aid Finale 1985 - Do They Know Its Christmas 


Queen - Live Aid Rehearsal #freddiemercury #queen #rare #liveaid #1985

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Let me tell you a bit about me!

I was born on the day one of the largest concerts took place! 
July 13th 1985, does anyone know which event I’m talking about?….

Yes your correct live aid. 

To say I was born on the day the biggest party ever was held just leads me to believe that I was kind of born ready to party for the rest of my life!
But unknown to me until later in life it all wasn’t a party! I began having breathing problems an had to be placed in an incubator, but like the fighter I am I became well and was able to go home with my mam and dad. So alls well that ends well.
During my birth my mam and dad fought as she wanted to watch live aid (she loved queen and Freddy mercury) and my dad wanted to watch the cricket (while his sun newspaper hung out of his back pocket) I’ve been told that my man won and I was born into the world while the worlds rockstars belted out their well known tracks and tried to gain aid for people in the world. I can’t really complain can I my birthdate will always now have Annerversiarys like when I turned 20 and 25 live aid was remembered in papers and on the news ect.
So on July 13th 1985 while the world were rocking out my mam was rocking me out, into a world that will become a friend and enemy, make me shed tears, laugh with happiness and my heart glow with pride, struggle in a Jeremy Kyle nation, while listening to a war hero tell me he’d rather be back in the 1940’s than have to deal with the youth of today!
But a this is just a little introduction I’ll leave you with a chow for now :)


queen at liveaid…

greatest performance ever?


Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing