I have never been a fan of winter, but in the past few months, I’ve started to be able to appreciate the little things that make it not so bad.

I like:

-the feeling of anticipation when everyone at school is hoping for a snowday, and then the euphoria when it happens

-crawling under flannel snowman sheets at night

-patterned socks that brighten up an outfit

-the long shadows in the evening when the sun is setting far in the south

-the brilliant colors of sunsets

-the pink that people get in their cheeks and the bright eyes and windswept hair when they come inside

-being able to wear big sweatshirts and sweatpants

-going outside at night to see a beautiful moon or hundreds of stars

-drinking lots of comforting teas

-going over to friends’ houses and just sitting inside playing games and talking because it’s too cold to go outside

-opening windows when it’s not too cold but the air is still fresh and crisp

-warm dinners

-(this one is sort of silly but I love it) watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights which is a January and February tradition for me. It’s a nice way to start the week and it makes me think of Kathryn.:)

Please add to this list if you reblog it! I’d love to know what you enjoy about winter! 

diner video games
  • Grand Slam Theft Auto
  • Souper Hash Browns Melee
  • Batpan: Ark-Ham City
  • Meat Fighter
  • Mortal Omelette
  • Egga Man 3
  • Picklemin
  • Bioshake
  • Call of Duty: Toasts
  • Cup of Coffee: Black Ops
  • Stackman
  • Ms. Stackman
  • Donkey Kong Country Fried Steak
  • Wolfen-dine
  • SausAge of Empires
  • Pokemon Silverware
  • Pokemon Blueberries
  • Residenny’s Evil
  • Need for Feed
  • Brocc Band
  • Guitar Gyro
  • Excitebite
  • GoldenPie
  • Metroid Prime Rib
  • Far Fry
  • BaContra
  • Metal Gear Salad
  • Harvest Moons Over My Hammy
  • Half & Half Life

GLAMOUR 100 Sexiest Men 2016

38. Jensen Ackles

Born: 1978
Single? Considering he’s almost supernaturally hot, it should come as no surprise that Jensen Ackles was snapped up long ago. The actor married actress, model and gymnast Danneel Harris in 2010. The couple have a daughter, Justice.
See Him Next: He ain’t afraid of no ghost! Catch Jensen ghostbusting his way through season 11 ofSupernatural.



LGBTQ Webcomics with Main Characters of Color

Bad Bad Things: A dystopian horror coming of age story about magic, friendship, adventure and shitty teenagers doing the best they can. Updates every Tuesday.

Tripping Over You: A bi-weekly dramedy about adjustments that must be made after falling in love with someone you think you shouldn’t. Features school friends Milo and Liam as they begin a (sometimes rocky) new relationship, and follows them through their day to day lives - both in coming out, and coming of age.

Winterspell: A nomadic hunter keeps himself busy in the winter in the face of his husband’s absence, continually counting down the days until they reunite.

Ace of Beasts (18+): A swordsman, a demon, and a thief seek to stop a powerful monster sorcerer and have various violent / sexual encounters along the way.

The House on the Cliff: A comic about magic and meddling and girls and the sea. And lots of misunderstandings, maybe.

150 Days: A Chinese prince loses his way in the Arabian desert. A stranger finds him and agrees to take him home but letting go of each other turns out to be harder then they first thought.

Mooncakes: Long-lost childhood crushes Nova Huang and Tam Lang have reunited for the first time in ten years. They have a lot more to deal with this time than just being the only two Asian kids in school (who also happen to both have magical abilities).

Les Normaux: A comic following the lives of a bunch of supernatural beings living in Paris after a human wizard named Sebastien moves to the city. They each tell their own side of the story in their respective diaries.

Taproot: A queer romance about a gardener who can see ghosts.

Goth Western: A story about selling your soul for love, and how necromancy may not fix all your problems, but it’s certainly a start.

For more LGBTQ webcomics featuring characters of color, check out our POC characters tag on tagpacker.

Hello everyone! this is my very first (important) post and i’d like to say in advance that you have probably heard about some of these and that they may seem lame idk but well, these are some things i have done to improve my language learning skills, i hope this helps! (if it does please let me know, it’d make me the happiest human alive ok)

  • Keep a notebook exclusively for your target language. If you work on a notebook that’s supposed to be for chemistry or literature you’ll certainly find yourself distracted. Get a cute notebook that makes you feel inspired or decorate an empty one you already have! I use a binder that i got at walmart and it has this really cool pop-art cover, i love it so much!
  • Get your own study place. A lot of us dream of a beautiful white desk in front of a window with amazing lighting but not all of us can get that, can we? (but don’t feel discouraged!) your bed? your dinning table? under a tree? your bathroom floor? anywhere can be a perfect study spot if you want it bad enough (as long as it’s safe and comfortable then you’ll be fine). Personally, i find it great to study in my dinning table because i can spread all of my stuff there and be as messy as i want. (oops)
  • Listen to music, watch videos, movies and read in your target language. Okay so, short story time: i am mexican and as you guys may or may not know we have quite an accent when it comes to english so, naturally, i was expected by americans to speak like that BUT i actually surprise ‘em all then i speak because my english doesn’t sound like that at all and the reason of that is me spending most of my time listening to music in english, watching all my tv shows in english and my having favorite youtubers be, in fact, native english speakers so all of that has accustomed my hearing to how all of those people sound and i just repeat their pronunciation. Also, reading in my target language has helped me improve my vocabulary A LOT by translating and googling things that i don’t know or understand. Keep in mind that you don’t have to read The count of Montecristo in whatever language you desire to learn, reading those love quotes/poetry thingys on tumblr will help you a lot until you’re ready to grab a book!

Disclaimer: i’m in no way saying that accents are a bad thing or something to be ashamed of but don’t we all just want to sound like natives?

  • Google everything. Allowing google to become my best friend is probably what has helped me the most. I mean, you could listen to every italian artist out there but it won’t help that much unless you actually get what the songs are about. You don’t need to write down the newly acquired information you get like 20 times, just read it like three times or until you understand it and move on, next time you see that word you’ll already be familiar with it and if you still don’t know the meaning, google it again! it’ll literally only take you about a minute or so and it’s all for your sake.
  • Resources. Resources. Resources. Even if you’re learning at a special your-target-language school, finding vocab sheets, verbs lists or just masterposts on your taget language (and actually reading them) you’ll see how great they are and how much they can help you improve and the best part? swear words that you won’t learn at school!!!!! jk the best part is that they’re free and all over tumblr. Just make sure you give their autor proper credit by reblogging and/or liking and you’re ready to go.
  • Spend at least half an hour studying everyday. A lot of people say that you should study for 10-20 mins but honestly, for me, that’s a really short amount of time but if you feel like it’s hard to stay focused for that long then start with 10 then 20 then half an hour and so on. Personally, i study for about 2 hours (including breaks, singing on-top-of-my-lungs sessions, snacks, etc) so it’s really not 2 boring hours of me sitting there copying vocabulary on my notebook.
  • Love what you do! I could write down a thousand tips for you but if you don’t feel passionate or at least slightly interested then it’ll never work out!

Last but not least, good luck to everyone trying to learn a language. Trust me, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride but it’ll be totally worth it! Don’t let people bring you down and be patient. Gros bisous a tous!

Upset RP Starters
  • "Don't even touch me."
  • "I can't believe you!"
  • "If you don't shut up, I swear I'm going to punch you."
  • "Argh! Could you be any more annoying!?"
  • "What's my problem? What's YOUR problem?"
  • "Why would you do that!?"
  • "That was humiliating! How could you do that to me?"
  • "GET. OUT."
  • "No! I'm not talking to you!"
  • "That was not helping! You KNEW that was not helping!"
  • "Seriously, leave me alone!"
  • "Did I say you could touch that? NO. But you just had to touch it anyway!"
  • "Oh, that is so like you!"
  • "TRAITOR!"
  • "You know what you are? You're a monster!"
  • "I can't believe I ever trusted you!"
  • "Why? Just, why?"
A Comprehensive Reading List For Spring Awakening Dramaturgy

Suicide, Sex, and the Discovery of the German Adolescent - Sterling Fishman*

The Way of Youth: Buddhist Common Sense for Handling Life’s Questions - Daisaku Ikeda (w/ foreward by Duncan Sheik, maybe worth reading, maybe not, who knows?) 

A Purple Summer: Notes on the Lyrics of Spring Awakening - Steven Sater+

Some Lovers(musical) - Steven Sater & Burt Bacharach^

American Psycho(musical) - Duncan Sheik & Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa^

Whisper House(musical) - Duncan Sheik & Kyle Jarrow^

Problematische Kindesnaturen: Eine Studie Für Schule Und Haus (Actual Text Probably in English?)- Gustav Siegert* 

Images of Youth and the Family in Wilhelmine Germany: Toward a Reconsideration of the German Sonderweg - Tom Taylor*

Diary of an Erotic Life - Frank Wedekind 

Poems and Songs - Frank Wedekind^

The Awakening of Spring (Available in the PAL) - Frank Wedekind^

The Awakening of Spring (Video) - Frank Wedekind (dir. by  Arthur Allan Seidelman)^

The Lulu Plays (Available in PAL) - Frank Wedekind^

= Good resource for actors

* = Important historical context

= Familiarizing yourself with Wedekind, Sater, & Shiek’s other work & “style”

Everything else = just nerd stuff for those interested

Hopefully this list will be updated aswe find more resources