13 Snowy Winter Landscapes on Film

Ahhh March… usually we should be anticipating the first signs of spring. Unfortunately many of you are dealing with repeated snow and ice storms, while over here in Europe we are enjoying our 9th straight week of rain [cries to self].

As much as we hate being cold, there is one thing we do love about the season that feels like it will never end — and that is the beauty of snow combined with the soft blue light of winter. So if we must freeze, let us at least enjoy these 13 gorgeous snowy landscapes shot on film! (Click through for full-res images and complete photographer info.)

Driving in the Yukon on our way to the Arctic Circle, before sunset in the middle of the afternoon by Antoine Rouleau

Wild Experiment #8 by Guillaume Baeriswyl

Yellowstone, Wyoming by Kevin Kundstadt

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signs at the zoo
  • aries:oh my god are those bears? bears are my favorite. oh my god are those tigers? tigers are my favorite. oh my god are those monkeys? monkeys are my favorite.
  • taurus:oh my god the food here is like A MILLION DOLLARS how am i supposed to deal with this. so expensive. imma get it anyway tho
  • gemini:GIFT SHOP
  • cancer:the MAP says the giraffes are over there and the MAP says the cheetahs are the other way. i'm holding the MAP i am the MAP person
  • virgo:it smells so bad
  • libra:flamingos!! let me take a quick selfie with them in the background for instagram hold up
  • scorpio:i need to find a shady spot to sit it's so hot out here like pls
  • sagittarius:why are all the animals asleep i came here for ACTION
  • capricorn:/actually looking at the cute workers and not at the animals/
  • aquarius:/knows everything about every animal and has to talk about each one thoroughly/
  • pisces:so wait where's the petting zoo

15 Things I Love

A hailstorm started as I was about to go for my walk, so I guess I have time to make a list! Tagged by the amazing wednesdayshambles, for which thanks. These are all things I love that aren’t people.

15. The fact that a jellyfish exists which is basically immortal (turritopsis dohrnii, or the Immortal Jellyfish) and can defend itself by rejuvenating. Gives hope for the rest of us.

14. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. Strawberries with whipped cream. Anything with whipped cream. Although, trust me on this one, do NOT get it on your sheets. Or in your hair.

13. Reading something so amazing that you’re blown away by it. Something so brilliant that it’s too good, that you want to physically ingest it.

12. Discovering a new favourite song and imagining that the magical intro will never make you skip it, never drive you insane, hitting repeat 500 times.

11. Cats. The cats that greet me on the street, the cats that I’ve lost and the ones that found me and let me make a home for them. Cats are not aloof, people. They love back.

10. Candles burning at that time you can feel the edges of the day world flare as it slips across into night.

9. Watching old interviews with Brian Molko in French. Ville Valo in Finnish. Mat Devine in English. Watching tour diaries by lots of different bands. Basically, I like hearing singers talk.

8. Taking trips alone. Even setting off at the airport makes me feel more self-sufficient. Landing at night, finding the place I’m staying on darkened streets. Making the strange familiar.

7. Stationery. Empty postcards, old or new, pencils with just the right balance of soft and hard, lined notebooks. My two favourite stationery shops have shut, and I mourn them.

6. Dreaming a profound conversation with someone you’re not likely to ever meet, but feeling when you wake up as if you have, and you’ve discovered a new self as well.

5. Unearthing things I’ve written long ago and finding out they’re not half bad.

4. The fact that Lady Gaga’s version of ‘My Favourite Things’ has been in my head the entire time I’ve been writing this list.

3. Sexy new story ideas. Made more tantalising by invariably presenting themselves when I’m in the middle of something that needs finishing.

2. Rounding off a beautiful story. That moment when it’s still perfect, unblemished, a magical landscape. Colours seem brighter. No one has yet noted the spelling error on page 4.

1. Taking in the view over water of the nature reserve from the woods an hour’s walk from my house. It changes every day, and is one of the few places in the world not augmented by music.

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10 Reasons you should watch Kingsman:

1. Colin Firth.
2. Jack Davenport (though why they used Jack Davenport for only 3 minutes of this epic movie is beyond me)
3. Roxy is a kickass heroine who is barely sexualized if at all.
4. Is an action movie that doesn’t fall back on a secondary romantic story line. Like, Eggsy doesn’t even go after Roxy.
5. Epic fight scenes that are shot so beautifully it makes the film nerd in me cry with happiness.
6. Amputee villain uses prosthetic legs as a weapon.
7. The most artistic execution of exploding heads known to cinema.
8. Gentlemen assassins.
9. Samuel L. Jackson with a lisp.
10. You get to hear Colin Firth say “I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam” to a woman in a church hate group.

Music Titles game

I was tagged by braveheartswhisper

Using only song names from 1 artist , cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title . It’s a lot harder than you think!

Pick your artist/band : Nine Inch Nails (I’ve been on a kick for them today)

Are you male or female ?: Underneath it All

Describe yourself : Somewhat Damaged

How do you feel?: Every Day is Exactly the Same

Describe where you currently live: Another Version of the Truth

If you could go anywhere , where would you go?: Closer

Your favorite form of transportation : March of the Pigs

Your best friend is : Sin

You and your best friends are : At the Heart of it All

Favorite time of day : Right Where it Belongs

If your life was a tv show what would the title be : The Day the World Went Away

What is life to you: The Eater of Dreams

Describe your relationship : Wish

Your fear: The Persistence of Loss

That was fun, thanks Dee!

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signs defined by moments
  • aries:the moment of bravery when you take a risk
  • taurus:the moment of satisfaction when you know you did the right thing
  • gemini:the moment of confusion when you don't know which path to take
  • cancer:the moment of fear when you don't know what will happen
  • leo:the moment of pride when you accomplish something
  • virgo:the moment of peace when you accept things for what they are
  • libra:the moment of happiness when everything turns out right
  • scorpio:the moment of nostalgia when you run by old memories
  • sagittarius:the moment of clarity when you finally understand
  • capricorn:the moment of realization when you know what has to be done
  • aquarius:the moment of freedom when you breakaway
  • pisces:the moment of discovery when you find something new
~ list of all imagines ever written ~

I have made a list of all of the imagines written up to the most recent one (March 1st).

The further down the list you go, the older. As you may have noticed, you will see a change in the style and format of my imagines such as paragraphs, dialogue, titles, etc. I hope I have improved in the few months I have been writing imagines or you guys :D

danisnotonfire imagines

~ #NicerInternet ~
~ don’t tell me goodbye ~
~ a promised tweet ~
~ thinking out loud ~
~ lost in your eyes ~
~ sweetheart ~
~ the stranger in the kitchen ~
~ concert from the hallway ~
~ internet takeover ~
~ inevitable ~
~ sweet dreams my dear (Y/N)
~ don’t be afraid ~
~ sharing talents ~
~ blackout ~
~ liveshow with dan ~
• ~ yours and dans relationship ~ 1//2//3//4
~ how you met dan~
~ love you to the moon ~
~ baking cake for dan ~
~ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ~
~ Christmas with the Howells ~
~ all i want for Christmas is for Dan to come home ~
~ Christmas wishes ~
~ best day ever ~
~ small slip ~
~ apologizing ~
~ jealousy ~
~ how you get him to go to bed ~
~ moving house ~
~ how you comfort him during hard times ~
~ when you loved me ~
~ going to prom with dan ~
~ how he wakes you up ~
~ yours and dans child ~
~ how he treats you when youre sick ~
~ how he wakes you up ~
~ sun ~
~ what dan does while you try on dresses ~
~ introducing you to the phandom ~
~ life of the party ~
~ a contact too much ~
~ It’s a Good Life ~

AmazingPhil imagines

~ liveshow time, bring your pets ~
~ milk substitutes~
~ just another ordinary day ~
~ the snowflake of my life ~
~ shopping expedition ~


~ preparing for parties ~
~ cafe date ~
~ it’s all fun and games ~
~ sweet things ~
~ height differences ~
~ movie famous ~
~ movie night ~

Jar of Imagines project

8. ~ when the clock strikes 12 ~
7. ~ emergency room ~
6. ~ packing for trips ~
5. ~ horseback riding ~
4. ~ indoor date night ~
3. ~ rainy days ~
2. ~ dog walks and ring talks ~
1. ~ house cleaning ~

recommended - cute, fluffy ones that I love reading over and over again

~ love you to the moon ~
~ concert from the hallway ~
~ the stranger in the kitchen ~
~ when you loved me ~

~ the snowflake of my life ~

~ movie famous ~
~ cafe date ~
~ it’s all fun and games ~

jar of imagines
~ packing for trips ~
~ dog walks and ring talks ~
~ emergency room ~

The text messages I am too afraid to send.

1. Hello.
2. How are you?
3. I am not fine
I’m sinking,
Too far into missing you
4. I ate like three burritos today.
5. What do you eat
When you are with him?
What do you say
When he’s had a bad day?
Does he feel better,
Knowing your arms are enough
To make a house a home?
6. I am so afraid
Of seeing you with him
Sometimes I don’t get out of bed
Incase I cross paths
With your happiness.
7. I am glad you are happy,
I am
I promise.
8. I think I hate him.
9. I don’t hate him
I envy him,
Because he didn’t throw you away
In the biggest mistake
Of his early onset midlife crisis.
10. My heart hurts
With every flutter
Of the butterflies you feel
When you see him
Now I’m full of moths
Batting their wings against my ribcage
To remind me
I wound my cocoon too tight
To let you in.
11. I want to tell you
About my day,
Tell you what I’m afraid of
You offered your arms
To carry me through my pain
And god knows
My shoulders are weak
From the weight of me.
12. The bed is empty without you.
13. My sheets miss your skin
My pillows miss your hair
The nape of my neck
Misses your breath
I’m making a postcard
Out of this bed
“Wish you were here.”
14. If I was bold
I would flat out ask
You to come back
But that’s not me
Instead I tell the world
All the things I should be saying
To you
Maybe these words will find you
Like wooden signposts
Directing you here
And if they do
I’ll be waiting on the other end
Of this gratuitous treasure trail
I’m no prize
But you make me golden.
15. I love you.

15 Things I Love

I was tagged by solushospes to list fifteen things I love. Here goes:

1. My son.
2. My family and friends.
3. Not wearing pants.
4. Reading.
5. Music (Punk & Metal are my favorite genres, but I listen to almost everything).
6. Writing.
7. Being crafty.
8. The word “rad”.
9. Birds (owls especially).
10. Video games.
11. Action & Horror flicks.
12. Tattoos.
13. Gardening.
14. Beards.
15. Sleep.

I tag: bees—poetry (I swear I haven’t forgotten about the accent challenge, it’s tax season, I’m hella busy), thatrandompoet, quaintobsessions, and ofsoliloquies

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20 Lesbian asks~
  • 1.Describe your first time with a girl.
  • 2.Blondes, Brunettes, or Gingers?
  • 3.Pancakes or Waffles?
  • 4.Short or Tall?
  • 5.Single?
  • 6.How do you meet girls?
  • 7.Your favorite body part.
  • 8.Your dream girl.
  • 9.A perfect date. (real or imagined.)
  • 10.Which L Word character are you?
  • 11.Which L Word characters would you like to f—, kill, marry..
  • 12.What is your wardrobe ‘go-to’ item?
  • 13.Are you femme, chapstick, butch, etc…?
  • 14.How would you describe yourself?
  • 15.How would your friends describe you?
  • 16.Have you been to a pride parade/event? Where!
  • 17.Are you ‘out’ to family/friends/world?
  • 18.Cats or Dogs?
  • 19.Are you crushin’ on anyone now? Gush.
  • 20.What would you tell your 10 year old gay self?