The 42 Definitively Cutest DIY Projects Of All Time

Turn the drabbest of sweatshirts into a cute li’l critterface.

All it takes is a paint pen.

These animal pom poms would make amazing fuzzy Christmas ornaments for the twee-est tree in all the land.

See how to make them here.

Give a kiss flipbook to someone you love.

See how they did this here.

Get ready for summer with an ice cream cone garland.

Get the crochet pattern here.

Your backyard has been missing this watermelon piñata all its life.

Get the directions here.

BBQs just got even better with these dinosaur corn-on-the-cob holders.

Get the directions here.

Meet your new best friend: The Ambivalent Mr. Toast Man.

At least he ain’t burnt.

There’s nothing twee-er than a cup of tea with a tiny note.

Here’s the perfect mirror for cute tiny faces to gaze into.

Get the directions here.

These cat toe shoes are giving your regular shoes the side-eye.

Directions here.

Easter can not commence without adequately adorable bunny candy bags.

Ensure your birthday girl is the tallest person in the room with this 3-layer cake hat.

These cress cups make for the best beginner garden ever.

You know what they say: The smaller the crown, the cuter the queen.

Get a tutorial here.

This washi tape keyboard is officially called “Happy Keyboard for Happy People.”

Directions here.

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Stuff about Vechs that I really, really like

- He’s slowly stolen Zisteau’s intro

- He says “pause” like “paulse”

- The entire “Squeek Therapy” video

- Super Hostile

- His voice

- Seriously, man, HIS VOICE


List of Anarchist Readables

Writers like:
Chomsky, Kropotkin, Godwin, Tolstoy, etc.

Internet databases like:

Books like:
Colin Ward - Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction. Anarchy in Action.
George Orwell - Homage to Catalonia
Peter Kropotkin - Mutual Aid
Peter Kropotkin - Fields, Factories and Workshops
A Rule Is to Break: A Child’s Guide to Anarchy
Alexander Berkman , - What is Anarchism?
Errico Malatesta  - Anarchy
Peter Kropotkin - The Conquest of Bread
Emma Goldman - Anarchism & Other Essays
Howard Ehrlich - Reinventing Anarchy, Again 

here’s a long list:

Some examples:,%20Anarchism%20-%20A%20Very%20Short%20Introduction.pdf

I would also recommend looking up up books on environmentalism, feminism, existentialism, as well as art and literature on culture jamming.

things i’d tell my eighteen old self
  1. there’s more than one way to be attracted to someone.
  2. changing your mind is not the same as failing.
  3. failing isn’t actually the end of the world, you just have to get back up and keep going when you can.
  4. life ‘milestones’ like turning 21 and graduating and sleeping with someone for the first time will not change you as a person. you’ll wake up with a new experience, maybe some part of you altered in a way that you will barely notice, but you will not wake up and feel different.
  5. trust yourself more.
  6. wallow less.
  7. don’t lose yourself. all of the different pieces, all of the girls that you used to be, all of the ghosts and scars of the past, hold on to them. let yourself change, but don’t forget you. hold yourself together because no one else is going to.

1. if you had only one thing to tend to/keep alive what would it be?

2. this week was filled with tired and momentum - sometimes the stretch is the holiest part. i grew excited watching myself build, finding a sense of home in the direction i’m taking, knowing that with this kind of graft something is paying off

3. then this magic happened and i’m grateful and gratitude is the underbelly of the full

4. i wanted to make a fritatata today with sabzi, i wanted to take the spices out and cut some fresh herbs and replenish the greens. but the flatmate ate everything that was left in the fridge and i drank coffee instead

5. i treat myself to new lingerie like i said i would, i shave my legs, oil my skin, put on a new set, wear things that remind me i’m grown and that’s the best thing - to not be 16 or 18 or even 24 but 26 

6. we go out to the theatre on monday and split things, i fall awkward about monday and overpay for everything. i am my mother’s daughter, like her - money (how little or how much) can ruin a day/moment. the play is intense and painful, i try to explain how the most important moments are ruined by this all white audience. i want to grieve, i want to sit quietly and grieve and a white woman next to me (who was performing a spectacle) grows audacious and turns to touch and smile at me in the end. i am sitting there grieving, aching, in sorrow but she wants to show us (me and the black man sitting next to me) that she gets it. my grief turns to rage. the play - the most difficult and important part of the play is a telling of the denial of black humanity, the moment the famous boxer realises that there are folks trying to kill him - he grows in his vulnerability, fear, loss. his sister tells him not to win against the white boxer for fear of collective retribution. his friend gets murdered in a bar and the white woman turns to touch me 

6.ii and the white audience asks the questions that make me laugh wildly. i open up my favourite passage in kiese laymon’s long division and show him. he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t 

7. the journey home is tiring. it feels like a chore in the car. he doesn’t know how to drive and it shows with his poor gear changes. he grows frustrated with my questions, i desire someone who is affirmed in their critical point of view, in their melanin. i do not want to have to ask about how many black women he has loved but i explain who and how we love is political. we sit in the car like two teenagers until we realise we are adults

8. a few days later i get out and run for weeks. in forty minutes i strategise the next three years in my mind, identifying mentors and coaches, a career development plan, what the next steps are. it feels good to be good in myself like that and suddenly i grow even more bored of the guy

9. my best friend/twin/only dude i can be my full-self with holds me perched on his knee. he tells me he worries about me, how i’ll meet someone if i get bored like this, how maybe i should give a little: ‘you can’t marry the revolution you know’ he says. i tell him i’m realising i need to if i want to do this work. we talk about his girlfriend, he confesses that i’m like his intellectual mistress, how if we were together we’d grow sick of each other everyday. i want to say i don’t think i could be with someone everyday, but this - i couldn’t grow bored of someone/something that makes me want to be better, build better

10. we stand on the platform for ten minutes talking about j.cole and kendrick, about folks having real skills, how we feel someone who can work with their hands are more useful than these tired bloggers, social media careerists, representation obsessives. i get on the train home

11. i make it home. 

Artist Alley Merch List 2015

I realize it’s been over a month and I still haven’t written up my Katsucon report, but hopefully I’ll get to it eventually >3<

Anyhoo, here’s my goal list that I’m hoping to reach before Otakon (late July) this year.  Usually I only ever hit 20% of my list but writing it out helps me know how to pace myself.  I’m thinking since April is coming up soon I better get started!

Tabloid (11x17) Prints:

  • Steven Universe print, featuring more characters
  • Eeveelutions print, including Sylveon
  • More badass/sexy original prints.  Not so much cute ones
  • Lolita/kawaii shark print, companion to Lolita Raptor
  • Yugioh print, featuring more DM protagonists/possibly spinoffs as well? (I get a little embarrassed when I tell YGO fans I have YGO things but it’s all tailored to Bakura fans XD;;;) 
  • Persona 3/4/5???


  • “Crystal Gems” SU badge
  • Note: edit Brony badge to have less dated back

Other (high priority):

Retiring (these will no longer be available once I run out of stock!):

  • Assassin’s Creed, Ezio badge
  • Hounouji Academy, Kill la Kill badge
  • Persona 4 buttons set
  • Portal buttons set and zipper pouch
  • Other stuff too???

Let’s see… that’s a good rundown.  I suppose I haven’t been keeping up with new series so less new ideas this year XD;; a lot of these are ideas that I’ve had from last year.

My hope is to make a new thiefship body pillow design that won’t be limited one-of-a-kind like the one of 2013.  I may possibly take preorders?  For the Malik scroll I’m hoping it to be 32x48 inches, and that would be the one-of-a-kind item, but it’s possible I’ll sell smaller prints (11x17) in a limited run.

Mmmh… I did sort of run into this issue before where large NSFW items can be hard to sell since ppl get worried about guests judging their decor.  I guess we’ll see.

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if ur feeling bored n bland in ur life:
•change up ur hair
•redecorate ur room
•go thrifting
•get ur nails done
•dance around ur room
•go for a long walk
•ride ur bike
•sit on ur porch and listen to music
•learn 2 play an instrument
•take a drive
•watch the sunrise
•get dinner w friends
•laugh rly loudly
•dye ur friends hair

signs when really sad
  • Aries:angry and frustrated crying
  • Taurus:eats lots of comfort food
  • Gemini:asks questions: 'what did i do?'
  • Cancer:openly cries
  • Leo:wants to be alone
  • Virgo:tries to deny sadness for as long as possible
  • Libra:blames themselves for everything immediately
  • Scorpio:looks up on wikihow how to not be sad
  • Sagittarius:lies down and doesn't do anything
  • Capricorn:thinks and thinks and thinks
  • Aquarius:breaks down when no one expects it
  • Pisces:screaming/destructive tendencies

50 States Most Haunted

Each state in the USA has it’s own tales of haunted hotels, houses, and various other places. But each state has what is considered their “most haunted” spot. What is your state’s most haunted place?

1. Alabama - Sloss Furnaces (Birmingham)
2. Alaska - UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium (Anchorage)
3. Arizona - Bird Cage Theater (Tombstone)
4. Arkansas - The Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs)
5. California - Alcatraz Island (San Francisco)
6. Colorado - The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park)
7. Connecticut - Seaside Sanatorium (Waterford)
8. Delaware - Fort Delaware (Pea Patch Island)
9. Florida - Florida Theatre (Jacksonville)
10. Georgia - Kennesaw House (Marietta)
11. Hawaii - ‘lolani Place (Honolulu)
12. Idaho - Old Idaho State Penitentiary (Boise)
13.  Illinois - Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago)
14. Indiana - French Lick Springs Hotel (French Lick)
15. Iowa - Villisca Ax Murder House (Villisca)
16. Kansas - The Sallie House (Atchison)
17. Kentucky - Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville)
18. Louisiana - The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville)
19. Maine - Wood Island Lighthouse (Wood Island)
20. Maryland - Antietam Battlefield (Sharpsburg)
21. Massachusetts - The Lizzie Borden House (Fall River)
22. Michigan - Henderson Castle (Kalamazoo)
23. Minnesota - Forepaugh’s Restaurant (St. Paul)
24. Mississippi - Cedar Grove Mansion (Vicksburg)
25. Missouri - Lemp Mansion (St. Louis)
26. Montana - The University of Montana (Missoula)
27. Nebraska - Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln)
28. Nevada - Virginia City
29. New Hampshire - Pine Hill Cemetery (Hollis)
30. New Jersey - Seabrook-Wilson House (Port Monmouth)
31. New Mexico - Highway 666
32. New York - The Amityville Horror House (Amityville)
33. North Carolina - Brown Mountain Lights (Burke and Caldwell Counties)
34. North Dakota - Liberty Memorial Building (Bismarck)
35. Ohio - The Ridges (Athens)
36. Oklahoma - Skirvin Hotel (Oklahoma City)
37. Oregon - McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon (Portland)
38. Pennsylvania - Gettysburg Battlefields (Gettysburg)
39. Rhode Island - The Ladd School (Exeter)
40. South Carolina - Old Charleston Jail (Charleston)
41. South Dakota - Bullock Hotel (Deadwood)
42. Tennessee - Loretta Lynn Plantation House (Hurricane Mills)
43. Texas - The Alamo (San Antonio)
44. Utah - Westminster College (Salt Lake City)
45. Vermont - The University of Vermont (Burlington)
46. Virginia - Ferry Plantation House (Virginia Beach)
47. Washington - The Palace Hotel (Port Townshend)
48. West Virginia - West Virginia State Penitentiary (Moundsville)
49. Wisconsin - Summerwind Mansion (West Bay Lake)
50. Wyoming - Wyoming Frontier Prison (Rawlins)

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OTRA Tour || Singapore - March 11, 2015.
  1. Clouds || x || x || x
  2. Steal My Girl || x || x || x
  3. Little Black Dress || x || x || x
  4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go || x
  5. Midnight Memories || x
  6. Kiss You || x
  7. Ready To Run
  8. Strong
  9. Better Than Words || x
  10. Don’t Forget Where You Belong || x
  11. Little Things || x || x || x  || x
  12. Night Changes || x || x || x
  13. Alive || x
  14. Diana || x
  15. One Thing || x
  16. What Makes You Beautiful || x || x
  17. Through The Dark || x
  18. Girl Almighty || x
  19. Story Of My Life || x || x
  20. You & I || x
  21. Little White Lies || x
  22. Stockholm Syndrome || x || x
  23. Best Song Ever || x || x

Time magazine, reporting on a 1989 plane crash, offhandedly mentioned that one passenger had been reading an Arthur C. Clarke novel. Clarke clipped the story and mailed it to Isaac Asimov, along with a note that the unfortunate reader should have brought along an Asimov novel, as it would have put him to sleep.

Asimov’s response? “Oh, no, the passenger should have been reading an Arthur Clarke novel; then death would have been a merciful release!”

17 Epic Burns Given to Classic SF/F Authors