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Would you rather…

  1. Lose your sight or your hearing
  2. Break your arm or break your leg
  3. Get run over by a train or by a truck
  4. Drink a glass of sea water or canal water
  5. Get shot by a gun or by an arrow
  6. Eat a dog or a rat
  7. See a ghost or an alien
  8. Go to jail for 30 years or die
  9. Go to the beach or the countryside
  10. Go to the pub or to the club
  11. Watch an action movie or comedy
  12. Be permanently bald or have 
  13. Be poor and happy or rich and unhappy
  14. Be able to stop time or fly
  15. Be gossipied about or never talked about at all
  16. Love and not be loved back or be loved but never love
  17. Go one normal day naked or fall asleep for a year
  18. Be a child or an adult for the rest of your life
  19. Be human or be immortal
  20. Be able to fly or have an invisibility cloak
  21. Talk in a very deep voice or in a high pitched voice
  22. Be a vampire or a ghost
  23. Get a tattoo on your face or metal spikes in your  head
  24. Eat a small can of cat foodor eat 7 lemons
  25. Not be allowed to wash your hands for a month or your hair
  26. Have a llittle green piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth or a booger in your nose that moves when you breathe
  27. Learn to walk or write all over again 
  28. Lose your wallet or lose your keys
  29. Eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream
  30. Live with Hitler for 3 years or with Saddam Hussein
  31. Age only from the neck up or from the neck down
  32. Speak all foreign languages or be able to talk to animals
  33. Live in a home without electricity or without water
  34. Drink 1lt of ketchup or mustard
  35. Have a zombie apoccalypse or World War III
  36. Drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public
  37. Know the date of your death or the cause of your death
  38. Be the richest person in the planet or be immortal
  39. Kill somebody to save a family member or let your loved one die
  40. Kiss a 65 year old men or a 7 year old boy
Exo Bias List!

Tagged by baekkyungie thank you <3

Do I have to put people at the bottom? ;-; This is just cruel really but I’ll try!

1.       Kyungsoo~ Needs no words really I’m trash for Do Kyungsoo
2.       Jongdae! Chen Chen Chenny Chen <3
3.       Baekhyun <3
4.       Minseok ~ The sexiest and cutest steam bun ever tbqh
5.       Jongin ^^
6.       Yixing! He’s just so sweet and cute and I just want to protect him and give him all the bunnies his heart desires.
7.       Chanyeol
8.       Joonmyeon our precious leader who also needs protecting.
9.       Sehun the noodle
10.   Zitao~ Sassy little panda you <3
11.   Kris is still my style ok
12.   Manly Luhan.

So that’s it! Just because Kris and Luhan are at the bottom doesn’t mean I hate them I love them so much! This has been my bias list since they debuted really apart from Jongdae was lower when they debuted and the little hot pack fairy has been climbing since but stay away from my Kyungsoo Jongdae or istg I’ll flip shit because I’ve stanned him for ages don’t ruin this for me.

I wanna know what your list is! :D blondejonginnie wetjongin 50shadesof-greyixing sehungotdabooty jongdae-andnight

Optional of course! ^^


Every so often, I think I have seen all the lists I can see, said all there is to say about them. Milk, eggs, go-gurt, TP, bored now!! And then I find something like this that reminds me there will never be a day when I have found all of the grocery lists, emptied the shelves, closed the store. 

Because people—ordinary people—are so infinitely complex. And strange! These lists are like overheard conversations on the city bus that you can’t believe you’re hearing but you are.

You need Encyclopedia Brown to figure this guy out. No case was too small for that hero. To start, what exactly is the fingerfood for dinner on Monday? (Which is today, btw…)

Here’s How To Attract Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ISFP: Be adventurous and playful and take an interest in them – then give them space to sort out their feelings and come to you.

ISFJ: Act like a superhero, but one who needs to be taken care of. They’ll jump at the chance to nurture your reckless spirit.

ISTP: Infiltrate their social circle, see them regularly, match their level of nonchalance and then put sex on the table.

ISTJ: Be bubbly enough to warm their hearts but scattered enough to imply that you need their help.

ENFP: Flirt with them once and then act completely unattainable. ENFPs love a challenge.

ENFJ: Act like the stereotypical bad boy/bad girl but show glimpses of deep emotion– they’ll clamor to figure you out and bring out the best in you.

ENTP: Challenge their logic and rebut their manipulative tactics.

ENTJ: Assure them that a relationship with you is a low-risk investment that will yield a sizeable emotional return. Be strong in your character, but not stronger than them.

ESFP: Look good, make it clear that you’re available and then just hang around for a while. Their natural ‘people curiosity’ will eventually drive them to come after you.

ESFJ: Be popular amongst your mutual peers but make it clear that you often forget to eat lunch or get enough sleep. They’ll lust obsessively after the chance to be the one who takes care of you.

ESTP: Act sweet, wide-eyed and impressed by everything that they do. Their ego will respond well to your fuel.

ESTJ: Have excellent hygiene and constantly tell them they’re right.

INFP: Act like you have a deep, brooding secret that you’re too guarded to reveal. The INFP will not sleep, eat or breathe until they’ve broken down your walls.

INFJ: Be one big, walking paradox. Look them deep in the eyes and tell them that you ‘Need them’ to help figure yourself out.

INTP: Take initiative. Take initiative again. Repeat until INTP notices your existence. Then take initiative again.

INTJ: Present them with a completely unprecedented way of thinking about something they were previously decided on. You’ll shake their foundation and win their admiration.

The Instruments as Scenes <3
  • Bassoon:A rainy, peaceful day watched comfortably from a window. A hollow scream echoes from the basement.
  • English Horn:a lonely ship presses through the empty sea on a foggy, cold morning. A faceless shape emerges in the distance. How?
  • Oboe:Void.
  • Flute:Your first kiss, at first it seemed so perfect. They were not up to your standards. An unhinged jaw swallowed them in their entirety. There. Better.
  • Piccolo:the birds, on a warm spring day. they hunger for flesh. they get angrier and angrier. you feel their cold, beady eyes on you. Running.
  • Clarinet:An empty hallway, standing alone. Something falls to the tile, a sound that echoes endlessly- ringing. No one is there. Nothing ever fell.
  • Bass Clarinet:a girl weeps in a corner, with her face hidden. It is such a disturbing scene that you can not continue to look. When your gaze returns, she is gone.
  • Saxophone:Screaming, eyeless, children, running frantically. Everything is red.
  • Horn:A beach at early dawn. The tide lowers, to reveal what you think are bodies, but upon further inspection are really only crash test dummies. A seagull pecks at their limp limbs. How did they get here?
  • Trumpet:An epic space war. Shit gets blown up. Neat.
  • Trombone:A dinner table with three people you've never met before. You all sit quietly, eating food that you don't remember being served.
  • Euphonium:A pink and gold sunset, with purple clouds. There's aliens, somewhere out beyond this meaningless rock.
  • Tuba:A jar of ketchup falls off of a table. Someone's going to have to clean that up.
  • Percussion:A noisy, bustling city. People are rushing about, with their heads down, bumping into one another and quickly rushing off. You look around. Everyone is wearing bird masks. Odd. You never got the memo.
  • Violin:An empty, dark auditorium, which stretches too far back to see the end of. A single spotlight is on stage. A single voice says hello, but who can tell from where?
  • Viola:An empty room with that ugly piece of furniture you never liked much.
  • Cello:A practice room with no doors or windows. There is no way out.
  • Double Bass:A nightclub, full of happy tree frogs.
Opposition Signs- Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Opposition Signs are actually similar energies working on different frequencies and levels of consciousness. You may be surprised to find a friend in someone with your “opposite” energy (The opposite sign in the zodiac wheel.) A fire sign always opposes an Air Sign (Although they are usually both “extroverted”) And Earth signs always oppose Water Signs (Even though they are both usually “Introverted”.) They also share the same Astrological Modality (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable)

Aries and Libra- (Cardinal. The Bursting Nebula of Self Discovery) Aries finds the self through individual adventure, whereas Libra finds the self through those around them. Emphasis on Justice for both, Aries being vigilante for the individual, and Libra being harmonious and diplomatic for all. Aries flourishes with independence, Libra flourished through codependence. 

Taurus and Scorpio- (Fixed. The collection and savoring of cosmic Jewels) They both value authenticity and real value. Both are deeply connected to their own opinions and values. If they let you into their lives, it’s because they genuinely value your company, not for keeping up appearances. Love few intensely rather than many frivolously. Taurus connects on the sensual realm, Scorpio on the emotional realm. 

Gemini and Sagittarius (Mutable. The curiosities and wonders of the lands) Both ask questions of life, Gemini being the small details and wonders, whereas Sagittarius being spiritual and scientific questions about the big questions in life. Both are wonderfully humorous, whether than be the wit and quick jokes of Gemini, or the hearty, comedic humour of Sagittarius. Both value freedom of expression and adventure. 

Cancer and Capricorn (Cardinal. The nourishment of the waters and lands) Both Signs are centered on the caring and providing for the ones they love. Cancer creates a homely, empathetic, traditionally motherly feel, whereas Capricorn creates a stable, physically comfortable, traditionally fatherly role. Both signs care enormously for the ones they love, and often feel a sense of purpose in the things they nourish, whether that be a career, family or sense of creativity. 

Leo and Aquarius (Fixed. Justice for the individual and the collective.) Both Leo and Aquarius fiercely protect their sense of self, whether that be in the individualist Leo manner, or the collective rights of the people like Aquarius. Both signs are focused heavily on justice, where Leo protects to vulnerable and the innocent and Aquarius protects the masses. Leo is based on the self, where judgement comes from instinct and heart and Aquarius elevates to an objective mindset above all personal biases. 

Virgo and Pisces (Mutable. Zoomed analytically in and spaced, spiritually out.) Both Signs have an innate sense of kindness and duty, where Virgo understands the value of the small gestures and Pisces understands the collective consciousness. Virgo analyses while Pisces transcends, creating two energies that know just how to soothe those around them. Each are a helping hand to those around them, even if they go about it in different manners. 

For those of you who still aren’t sick of studying even during the summer break or for those who want to pimp their CVs with some awesome certificates and skills, I made a list of all of the online platforms where you can take courses. :)

I listed them from my favourite to least favourite. edx is definitely number one since it’s partner with so many good universities and you can get certificates for free (or paid if you want to get your identity verified). So yeah, feel free to try them out and don’t hesitate to ask me about my own experiences with these platforms. ;)

There have been so many great new LGBTQ webcomics lately! Here are just a few that look especially promising. To see what else has started up in the last three months, check out the ‘new’ tag of the filterable LGBTQ webcomic list I’ve been working on.

Coyote: (mature, m/m) In the small town of Neive, up in the rolling hills of Northern Italy, a grandfather of four decides to take up arms to free his country from the grips of war. But things get complicated when his youngest grandson falls for a rugged freedom fighter that joins their cause.

Pretty Heart Bouquet: (everyone, f/f, trans) A magical girl webcomic about a cute girl named Ginny, a mysterious cat named Beck, and a reluctant mentor named Lilly.

Gayliens!: (teen, m/m) I’m not giving you the gay poly aliens you wanted. I’m giving you the gay poly aliens you DESERVE. This webcomic has voice actors!

The Star Collector: (teen, m/m) The adventures of a pink haired alien named Frankie! Shares a universe and characters with Gayliens to doubly fulfil your gay poly alien needs.

Ambrosium: (mature, m/m) Ambrosium follows the lives of many people, all dealing with their demons. Some more literal demons than others. A reboot of the webcomic Paradox.

Flowerpot: (teen, m/m) Ben is the survivor of a strange disease that causes flowers to sprout from his body. The infected, called “Flowerpots,” are often avoided, and Ben does his best to keep to himself. His world changes when he meets the Madden siblings.

The House on the Cliff: (teen, f/f, trans) A comic about magic and meddling and girls and the sea.

Total Party Kiss!: (teen, various) A webcomic about queer people who play Dungeons and Dragons together and the ensuing romance between them.  

Bash Back: (mature, various) Thousands of years of bloodshed, torment and ridicule. Now is the time to take what is ours. Retribution.

💕 30 Unique Journaling Ideas

1. Close your eyes and listen to the environment around you, etc. dog’s feet clicking on the floor, dish-washer swashing around, and list them.
2. Go to an antique store/estate sale and buy vintage photographs for a cheap price. Create a story about them after you paste in on a page.
3. Watch a film and note how it connects to you emotionally.
4. Draw the floor plan of your own cafe. You can be as crazy or as simple as you want.
5. Stare at a famous work of art and copy it into your journal by not looking at your hand.
6. Tape in candy wrappers and give evaluations with Willy Wonka'a use of words.
7. Search some facts about space and write it down in a cool font.
8. Read about a famous person (filmmaker, artist, etc.) and discuss their life’s work.
9. Make a cute and simple comic about animals/monsters.
10. Imagine you are going somewhere you’ve never been before- doodle the items you’d bring.
11. Give a sample of the nail polishes/lipsticks that you own.
12. Download a language learning app and write down the sentences you’ve learned with translation.
13. Recycling bins often contain old magazines that you can take home and cut up.
14. List things that are happening right now in the world.
15. French kiss a page while wearing your favorite lipstick.
16. Use a page as a coaster for a colorful beverage so it’ll leave a ring.
17. List things in detail that you miss about a certain place.
18. Past the front part of a card you received which you liked.
19. Save a candle from your birthday cake and tape it on a page.
20. Write a letter to a deceased person you looked up to.
21. Find patterned scrapbook paper and modge podge it onto a page to make certain pages stand out.
22. Print out meaningful screen-caps from a film you loved.
23. List things about you that you are physically/mentally that you are proud of.
24. Cut out games from the backs of cereal/snack boxes.
25. Doodle your ideal signature tattoo.
26. Write about another culture.
27. Find magazine cutouts and polish over the clothes/areas of the picture with sparkly nail polish so when it dries it’ll leave behind a shimmering glow.
28. Collect stamps from letters you’ve received.
29. Make playlists for moods you often feel.
30. Cut and paste letters from newspapers/magazines to make random letters like Jack the Ripper.