Decided to go through my art folder and see if there’s any doodles etc I wanna share

I’ve been watching Mob Psycho 100 (finally) and ofc my mind immediately went to a psychic Liam :^) I’ve also been playing a lot of Atelier Sophie lately aND WHILE I LOVE THE GAME and I love the alchemy system, some character designs are


like Plachta. 

I also don’t enjoy plachta’s hair bc she has a bobcut and a long ponytail bUT THEN I REALISED THAT’S KIND OF LIKE LIAM’S HAIR so that doodle happened

there’s also a magical girl I made when I was ???? 14??? I was so ready to make a comic of her and her squad :^) I should draw the rest of them

Also a wintery Larima for an outfit prompt I never finished ;u; I’m sorry omg

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... accidentally hit 'ask' too soon, sorry! Porter or Liam. On a date night they accidentally overindulge and feel bloated & burpy/nauseous. However, they try to hide/ignore it because Becca/Vera has gone all out to make it a sexy & special night. However, as things turn steamy in the bedroom, the added motion and/or pressure on their stomach becomes too much & wet burps turn into gagging and puking on themselves. Their gf gets them into the shower & rubs their belly as they puke up everything

Aaaaw thanks this is such a good prompt!!! I hope you enjoy.

It had been a good night. Liam and Vera had been needing a night out for a while, and Liam was glad to finally be able to get off work long enough to do it. Although they’d been living together for some time, they’d seen so little of one another, it was like they didn’t live together at all.
And because Liam had recently gotten his grades back and done well in his courses, Vera wanted to make their night special.
The night began at a new Italian restaurant, DiMarcos for dinner.
Liam hadn’t eaten all day, he’d missed his lunch break, so when the menu came out, Liam decided to indulge a bit.
“I’ll have the sampler platter,” he’d said and the waiter almost walked away without taking Vera’s order before Liam said,
“Oh, no, that’s just for me.”
The waiter had apologized with wide eyes, amazed that one person would attempt such a plate, but of course not mentioning anything.
Vera ordered the soup and salad.
Before the waiter left, Liam said,
“Can we also get a bottle of your best champagne?” And the waiter smiled.
“Of course.”

They’d received their food and drank and talked the night away.
“I’m so proud of you, Liam. You’re so smart,” she smiled.
Liam grinned. That was something he heard from very few people. What’s more… Liam wanted to be able to propose to Vera soon. He was sure that the only way that would work was if he was doing well in school and work.
Vera took a long sip of her champagne, sighing.
“It’s so good,” she’d said.
Liam nodded. He’d downed three glasses… probably reaching a limit. His food was delicious but there was so much of it! And it was a bit salty. He’d needed to wash it down. The alcohol had helped him wash it down and his tipsiness helped him to finish the plate. Vera was too busy gushing about him to notice.

As a matter of fact, they were both quite tipsy, but Liam more so.

Everything was going so well, Liam hadn’t realized when he crossed the line and things started going south.

He was listening to Vera talk about her day with her kids from nannying. Well, he was trying. His stomach was bloated, overly full with pasta and bread and alcohol. He shifted in his seat as his stomach bubbled. He quickly pressed a palm against it, trying to keep it quiet and calm.
Vera continued to talk about her week. There’d been so much they needed to catch up on, he was just grateful it wasn’t his turn to talk.
If she noticed anything, she didn’t mention it. He wanted to keep it that way. Vera wanted to have a special night.

“Are you done baby?” She asked, reapplying her lipstick.
Liam stifled a quiet belch and nodded.

“I’m just gonna run to the restroom real quick… here’s the card,” he said, slapping his charge card on the table and quickly rising. He headed through the dining room to the rest room.

There he was able to gauge the situation. He splashed cold water in his face, trying to calm down. He felt so nauseous and for a moment, wondered if he’d fare better in front of the toilet. He allowed himself, while in the otherwise empty restroom, to release a few heavy belches, trying to relieve what he’d done.

He stood there for a long moment before deciding he wasn’t going to throw up. He washed his hands and headed back to Vera.

In his mind, he repeated over and over that he wouldn’t ruin this night for her.

“You good?” She’d said. She said this often. She still didn’t suspect anything.

“I’m good, let’s go, I’m ready for dessert,” he’d winked. Vera rolled her eyes and blushed.

“You’re a creep,” she laughed.

Vera drove, being entirely more sober than Liam. They made it home with no issue, and Liam was feeling a bit better. When they’d walked inside the apartment, Liam pulled Vera towards him and they stopped in the entry-way for a long kiss.

“You’re drunk,” she said to him through a laugh.
He shook his head like a child, accused of something they’d done.
“Come on,” she said pulling him towards the bedroom. Vera unzipped her dress and let it fall towards the floor in a heap. Liam had his shirt off as well.
Their drunkenness had aided in neither one noticing how distended his belly still was. Vera climbed on top of him, straddling, and he fumbled with her bra for a bit before eventually giving up and letting her do it herself.
The movement was causing his belly to slosh, he could feel the alcohol and food moving around uncomfortably.
She leaned over and pressed her lips to his neck, kissing him over and over. He turned his face away, hurting her feelings a bit momentarily before she heard him release a wet belch.
“Whoa, Liam. Are you okay?” She asked.
He released another before swallowing hard.
He nodded and grabbed her arms, pulling her down towards him, trying to kiss her.
Unfortunately, when she moved, she pressed an arm into Liam’s stomach.

It was the final straw.

A gag sharp gag hit his throat, and he swallowed quickly, desperately trying to move her off of him. She was off him now, on her knees on the other side of the bed, and very concerned.

“Liam?” She asked, immediately the moment was over.

He couldn’t answer. He gagged again, sitting up, just in time for part of his dinner to spew from his lips, all over his own lap.
He cringed, horrified.
He was humiliated.
Vera’s eyes were wide, she took a second to snap out of it before reaching a hand out to rub his back gently. He swallowed, his eyes closed.

“Liam, sweetie, are you okay?” She asked.

He shook his head.

“I’m so sorry…” he said, putting his head in his hand. He was covered in disgusting mess and he felt so bad still.

“I think…” he belched again, dangerously, “I think I’m too full…”

“Don’t be, come on, let’s get you cleaned up, love,” she said, standing.

He followed her to the bathroom, stripping of his mess-covered boxers. She turned on the water for him and stepped in beside him. Liam sat on the bench in their shower and Vera stood, caressing his back gently.

“I need to throw up again,” he said, his voice trembling and a hand covering his face.

She frowned as the water ran over him. She reached a hand down to rub his belly, which she could now see was still bloated. She felt it churning and moving, she thought it must have felt awful.
He moaned, leaning over. Drool ran off his lip and down the drain with the shower water.
She gently massaged, hoping to either soothe him or have him get it up.

He belched deeply, spitting into the drain. His knee bounced up and down in anticipation.
She pressed a firm palm over his belly and he let out a huff. Another belch came, and this time he lurched forward, a huge, almost surprising wave of dinner came out of him, landing in disgusting splatters on the shower floor. Vera was concerned by the sheer amount that came from him. Had he eaten that much?
Liam moaned, another gag cutting him off, this time a smaller wave landing between his feet and running towards the drain.

After a moment Vera asked, “Liam, any better baby?”

Liam shook his head, to her surprise.

“There’s more,” he groaned, not looking up at her. He was humiliated beyond belief.

“Do you want me to keep going?” Vera asked, and Liam hesitantly nodded.

Vera took her hand and continued to massage again, Liam tensing at the touch.

He swallowed a few times, looking more and more uncomfortable. Vera almost stopped herself.

But then a belch cut the silence and Liam leaned over, this time determined to get everything up.

He wanted to be empty.

He gagged, another wave of dinner landing on the shower floor and washing away, thankfully. Then a wave of pure liquid. The champagne. And then another wave of liquid.

And just when he was about to lose it, there was nothing.

He felt empty.

He stopped gagging and looked up, opening his mouth to allow water to run in. He spat at the floor. He leaned back and rested his head against the shower wall.
Vera smiled at him sympathetically. She ran a hand through his wet hair.

“Better?” She asked.

He nodded, gratefully.

Vera took a wash rag and rinsed Liam’s chest off, cleaning him of the sticky mess. She wiped his miserable looking face with a rag.

“I’m so tired,” Liam said sadly.

“It’s okay, Liam,” she whispered. She leaned over and kissed his head.

Moments later, Vera had helped Liam out of the shower and into a pair of new boxers. He was feeling better, thankfully. Now he was left exhausted and empty.

The moment was over, officially.

He laid in the bed, relieved to be laying down and feeling human again.

Vera climbed in bed beside him after changing into her everyday PJs.

He rolled on his side, facing her. He closed his eyes sleepily.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin our night,” he said softly.

Vera smiled, but he didn’t see. She kissed his face and holding him close.

“You didn’t ruin my night Liam, I spent it with you. That’s all I wanted. I’m just glad you’re feeling better,” she whispered.

Liam smiled, though his eyes stayed closed.

He’d never been more sure about anyone.

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