“It´s still a secret”

Long time again without anything x.x but coming back a little bit with this rivamika sketch :,)

I used a reference cause I have no idea what to draw (also I think I drew something like this time ago…XD)

daedriclys  asked:

Pros and cons of dating kuroo and Lev? Separately? I love your work!

thank you!! I already did Kuroo so prepare for some copy and pasting lol

Kuroo Tetsurou


  • Nobody messes with you. Kuroo makes sure that everyone knows he’s got his eye on you pretty much all the time, and if anyone wants to do something negative directed to you it would be in there best interests to just,,, not.
  • Doesn’t mind being toted around places. If his s/o wants to hop from one store to the next, or more one area to the next, he doesn’t care.
  • Very relaxed. During dates, there’s no sense of urgency or some sort of formal position you feel you have to keep up. Everything’s just very chill.
  • Compliments you a lot, but does so in a way that it’s not really noticeable. A little remark here, a comment there, but it makes you feel loved nonetheless.
  • Lets you play with his hair. He doesn’t like people touching his hair, but if you wanna run your fingers through it or something he’s cool with that.
  • Super supportive of whatever hobbies you have. As long as you’re happy and safe, he’s happy.
  • Does your laundry. Like, that’s kind of weird, but it’s one less chore for you to do. And he doesn’t seem to mind it at all.


  • Kind of a jerk sometimes. Not really to you, but he tends to sort of dismiss people a lot and that’s not very cool.
  • If he’s already made himself comfortable on the couch or bed, he won’t move and will ask you to get everything for him: Food, some water, the remote, etc.
  • Sometimes, in the heat of an argument, he’ll say things without thinking and doesn’t know how to apologize later.
  • Because he has such a relaxed approach to dates, sometimes he’ll opt to staying home even if you wanted to go out somewhere. He’ll tell you that there’s no bother to do that when you two can enjoy yourselves at home. It gets annoying.
  • He’s that asshole that texts you during school or work hours.
  • Kuroo also tends to be on his phone during the first ten minutes of the movie.
  • Leaves the toilet seat up.

Haiba Lev


  • You will never need a ladder or a step stool in your life again.
  • Piggyback rides.
  • He’s very good at making you smile when you feel down. It’s a gift.
  • Surprisingly, a pretty OK cook. He really likes cooking for you.
  • Never lets you feel left out. He invites you to everything he can: Family activities, volleyball matches, festivals, etc.
  • Holds the door open for you, pulls out your chair at dinners; The perfect gentleman.
  • Open minded and not only willing to try new things, but excited to!! He loves the idea of new experiences, and throws himself in head-first any chance he gets.
  • Responds to your texts/phone calls/emails within five minutes. No matter what.
  • Will offer to give you everything he has. For example: You’re hungry? Have his lunch. You’re cold? Have his jacket. You want a camera? Take his.
  • He is extremely proud of you and will brag about you at any opportunity.


  • Sometimes it’s like he’s too scatter-brained. He’s not very good at remembering important dates or events, and can be pretty oblivious to things.
  • Unless it’s like super obvious, he doesn’t really notice it if someone is being rude or mean to you, and won’t stand up for you when that happens.
  • Tends to accidentally flirt with other people. He means nothing of it and isn’t even looking for anything, he’s just overly friendly sometimes.
  • Talks about his team/friends/siblings too much.
  • Not the cleanest guy around. He leaves his stuff everywhere and dislikes doing dishes.
  • Uses your toothbrush without thinking ??????
  • On that note, he uses a lot of your products without thinking: Your shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc.
  • He’s too willing sometimes, occasionally pressuring you into trying new things without considering your feelings.