Can we just discuss the fact that Fitz reaction to Ward being Hydra was basically the fandom when we found out in 1x17….Fitz is literally us when he found out. Pure disbelief and shock and confusion, and he keeps on saying “ward isn’t bad, Ward can’t be bad”

Better At Everything
  • Jemma:Do you have to be better than me at everything? Being romantic, cooking,complimenting-
  • Fitz:I'm not better at kissing, you have more experience so therefore I can't be.
  • Jemma:Really?
  • Fitz:Yeah.
  • Jemma:But I think you're a great kisser...I mean, our first kiss was great.
  • Fitz:I was mad. Maybe I'm better at kissing when I'm mad.
  • Jemma:Maybe, but are you mad now?
  • Fitz:No, why?
  • Jemma:Because I want you to tell me how this is. *kisses him*