Ok my friends, I have something to say: EVERYONE HERE ARE AMAZING!
I know that every day, time or moment that I enter Tumblr, there will be a new update and that is what I love about our fandom, we all become obsessed about the aos / fitzsimmons / feels
I am part of this since 1x10 and I do not contribute much since I do not know how to make gif or write English correctly, but still, I love them guys!

We suffered but our bus babies not ready to go to the field.

When Trip appeared, remember?

And then the GH 325, RELIEF!

Then we were like Fitz trying to give an explanation to Ward / hydra. We cry.

Then it happened 1x21 and 1x22 and it was the end for all of us.

Months passed and we were worried about our scientists and about Skye… god, the whole thing was so traumatic.

Then it was released 2x01 and it was horrible! The death of Izzie and damn it, Jemma was a hallucination.

Fitz -attractive- broke our hearts. Papa coulson trying to keep the team together but everything had changed.

Brain damage.

Do you remember when 2x03 Jemma hydra sneak peak was revealed? I do.

Then pain, death of Trip and parents of Skye.

Hunterbird became invaluale and although Mack seemed to be separating our babies, we love him too.


More feelings about dad coulson and mom May! Ah! And almost forgot: Melinda had a husband! Wow!

And by the way, an inhuman named Lincoln who stole our heart from the start-

Do you remember when Jemma said: Maybe there is? God, we all relive!

Then Fitz being a sexy bastard man who saved the day inside that boat! 

And mack: so much fun!

Do you remember when Bobbi sacrificed her lung and ribs and knee and nails for Hunter? That is, not literally that way, but yeah, it was painful and the machine shot her in front of Hunter!

And then the eternal pain for the Jhonson family … and poor Skye killing her mother and unintentionally she released the terragenesis. That scene of the fish in the sea and omega pills? Yep, we all fell doozy ..

Then the damn rock swallowed Jemma and we all ripped our hair trying to find the answer where damn she had been dragged.

And then Skye called Daisy and none of us had a problem about it, except Coulson.

Another recess and another comic com and then we knew about interplanetary princess Jemma and her rare love astronaut. Emotions found, all fandom was divided.

What happened to Joey? Really having killed that hydra hijacked him so much?


Jemma’s Rescue: Fitz you’re a absoluty sexy ejem, bueaty man.

Hunter and May: strange relationship.

THE DINNER expected months ago.

Then the dragon lady and her relationship with Coulson, she really should not have died, I mean, that’s way was how the story progressed but it was just so sudden-

KISS IN THE LAB! God, we were all cursed. (Millions of post about it)

Poor babies being tortured by whom they trusted. Damn Ward.

And then Daisy finally gets her team of secret warriors! With Yoyo addition.

Everything is SO important around here.

“Come Back to me”

Damn Ward coming back from the other planet possessed by Hive.

And poor Fitz could not return the space boyfriend to the girl he has been loving for years and for whom he suffered brain damage.

They left us. Hunterbird knows the maximum sacrifice: leave those who love, the family, for not bring more problems to them. At least they have each other.

Moments good, until Hive controls Daisy’s mind and creates baby monsters with alien blood.


Poor Lincoln truly loving Daisy and struggling to get her back.

Sex in Bucharest. Crossing the event horizon: WORD OF THE YEAR.

Shoot him in the face, Jemma!


Then, damn it more pain. Poor Daisy. I still can not believe Lincoln. At least we have yoyo / mack and Philinda.

And then during season 4, my dear friends, I know that we did not have enough of Fitzsimmons but at least they moved out of the base together now that Shield is not a terrosite agency and yes, at least we have the fics and that its way I love All of you: remain faithful to Fitzsimmons and every damn Gif of them fills my heart with heat.

We become obsessed about them and abour every scene, look, word.


Can we just discuss the fact that Fitz reaction to Ward being Hydra was basically the fandom when we found out in 1x17….Fitz is literally us when he found out. Pure disbelief and shock and confusion, and he keeps on saying “ward isn’t bad, Ward can’t be bad”