Drunk with SNSD | Reactions

when she gets a little too tipsy and you must take care of her.

Taeyeon: “let’s get ice cream!”

Jessica: “check out my super awesome ball! wait, that sounds weird…”

Sunny: “somebody say ‘hey, we like to pah-tay!’”

Tiffany: “look how long my sleeves are!”

Hyoyeon: “bitch, i’m fabulous.”

Yuri: “passes out any second now…”

Sooyoung: “so, um, have you ever noticed how freakishly long my legs are?”

Yoona: “i think if we could all just love each other. the world would be such a beautiful place and we could all live happily together. i just need world peace.”

Seohyun: “i want sweet potatoes and i want them now.”

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