Reminiscence Doctor Stranger throwback post.

Thinking back of the time when i was watching this ‘table flipping’ drama and the fan war that came along with it. 

(sarcastic laughter: HAHAHAHA!)

I really do miss this Quack Couple so much, I miss their bickering and hoping for a reunion in the future; but hopefully next time they’ll be the main OTP.

Happy Birthday Lee Jong Suk

Wanted to wish my one and only bias Lee Jong Suk.  I have tried to get away from him many times because he is distracting to my work life, and my leisure time.  But no, he simply does not go away.

My love for Han Tae Sun is legendary, though I did not know who played him.  I just loved that character a lot.

My Nam Soon ruined me.  I still go back periodically and watch him brood and save his fellow classmates while being cool and still tear up about his guilt and his love for this friend.

I only wanted Park So Ha to always smile and get his noona crush.  His unconditional, puppy crush and then their growth was …Ah.  Just healing.

Park Hoon was such a cad.  But so lovable and so vulnerable and just freaking cute.  His comic timing was just perfect and all those facial expressions….I loved Park Hoon with passion.  Now, only if the writer loved him as much as I did.  :-(

Dalpo and In Ha’s chemistry…His romance….His tragedy with his brother, His emoting in heavy scenes.

And now, sexy & charming Kang Chul.  

I have loved every single character he has played.  Each of their character traits ingrained in me.  

His smile brightens up my mornings and when I am stressed at work,  a quick Tumblr visit makes me smile.

And online friends that I have met make being his fan a just a joyful part of my life.  They are fantastic, they love him as much as I do and they are all bright, and fun people.

I visited Korea because of him, I use Korean products because of him and I know some real fun people because of him.

Above all this, he is my inspiration for me to start writing again.  

Happy birthday Lee Jong Suk.  I am so happy that I am your fan and I am very proud.