My dad's reaction to kpop groups
  • VIXX: that one leader guy is hella gay
  • BLOCK B: they need an adult
  • B.A.P: you have my permission to date one of them, I'd like a son in law like any of them
  • BIG BANG: hella gay sparkle dragon and his blue haired boyfriend here with their white haired wrestling man, half robot and terrible hair guy.
  • B1A4: I'm embarrassed for them
  • AKMU: you and your brother if you were Korean and talented
  • NU'EST: they're prettier than you
  • 2NE1: I know them, they're your gay crushes
  • BOYFRIEND: when they're thirty will they finally be Husband
  • LC9: death defying hair and kick ass choreographed fighting


MASC (pronouced mask) is new to me. This is the first song I am hearing by them and I like it! They give me this old school 1st generation (lowkey Shinhwa) feel and I like that <3 so I will pay more attention to them. 

SF9 is…another group that I haven’t gotten into yet. But unlike MASC I know more about SF9 like I know they are under FNC entertainment but I just don’t listen to their music and follow their promotions/activities BUT….this song has made me a believer and I will be catching them out more ^_~ 

LITERALLY!!!!  I feel like if LC9 (if you know who LC9 is…you da real MVP!) had a comeback…THIS would have been it!!!! OM FREAKIN Gosh!!! I love this gives me VIXX Voodoll 2.0 vibes and I love VIXX! I have been following Cross Gene since debut and I am proud of them! They are doing well in Japan but I hope that this song might be they’re break through in Korea ^_^ 

listen (x)

a playlist to fight ur bias to

mama beat - lc9 // new world - madtown // hurry up - 24k // ouch - a.cian // justice - c-clown // going going - n-sonic // kick kick king - blast // level up - ze:a // action - nu'est // too g - btl // take a shot - hotshot // bounce - boyfriend // dont tease me - speed


Wow! I did not expect those vocals.