My dad's reaction to kpop groups
  • VIXX:that one leader guy is hella gay
  • BLOCK B:they need an adult
  • B.A.P:you have my permission to date one of them, I'd like a son in law like any of them
  • BIG BANG:hella gay sparkle dragon and his blue haired boyfriend here with their white haired wrestling man, half robot and terrible hair guy.
  • B1A4:I'm embarrassed for them
  • AKMU:you and your brother if you were Korean and talented
  • NU'EST:they're prettier than you
  • 2NE1:I know them, they're your gay crushes
  • BOYFRIEND:when they're thirty will they finally be Husband
  • LC9:death defying hair and kick ass choreographed fighting

[MV] 에덴의 동쪽 (East of Eden)

[140704 Fancafe Post]

LC9’s 2nd league is about to start.

LC9’s 2nd league, prepared with immense training
and effort for the past year, will soon be by
Lovebeat ‘s side. New music, new performance, new stage and many new and fun stories are available in LC9 #2. We ask for much anticipation and support for LC9
#2, which has been prepared to show LC9’s long-
waited fans a more mature and developed LC9. In addition, E. Den has decided to go back to
being a student in Canada and unfortunately, will
not be part of LC9 #2. We, the members of LC9, truly thank you Lovebeat
for always supporting LC9 as always.


When my friend told me to look up a video called “MaMa Beat” so she could hear my reaction, I did so reluctantly. I found the video gory and frightening, and I thought it was another failed attempt to have me join one of her fandoms. However, I found myself strangely drawn to those boys and before I knew it, I had watched all of their videos. I didn’t expect them to end up meaning so much. I didn’t expect to come to love and adore these six wonderful, talented boys, along with their weirdness that I still can’t describe. And yet, almost a year later, here I am, always hoping that they’re smiling and enjoying life. I love the way they play together and how they’re so silly. Even through hardships such as military enlistment and other long waits, I will be here to support them. There will always be a very special place in my heart for LC9.

[140331 Rasa Twitter Update]

너무 좋은 인연들을 만날수 있어서 감사했습니다. 2년동안 건강히 다녀오겠습니다. 보고싶을꺼에요 ^^ 충성!

I’m thankful for being able to form good relationships. I will come back in two years all healthy. I will miss you ^^ Salute!

— Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int’l