Me trying to have a normal life as Jay in LBP3
  • Me with friend
  • Jay: Here we are.
  • Jay: In a Scary Hospital level.
  • Jay: I uh.
  • Jay: Apparently I was pregnant. And gave birth to a boy.
  • Friend: *trying not to laugh*
  • Jay: he has spiked hair so- I'm assuming Kai is the father- uh- wait- are you a boy or a girl-
  • Friend: I'm a boy- :0
  • Jay: Alright Loui-
  • Friend: My name is Carter- >:0
  • Jay: Alright so your father named you already.

Bunkums new arrival
My character falls into Little big planets bunkum, hitting my head on The tin of the titans, luckily is doesn’t open the tin but my character bleeds out after being surreally injured. This was the story I had for how my character ended up in little big planet but I donno, this drawing is so crap omg