I’m absolutely head-over-heels for Lauren Bacall. Known mostly for her marriage to one of my personal favorite people, Humphrey Bogart, but a great actor herself.

She’s sharp, feminine, strong & severly beautiful.

I find those dark, smokey movies filled with quick wit, passion & violence so alluring. Lauren Bacall became an idol to me the first time I saw her as Slim in To Have or Have Not along side Bogart. She was only 20 when the movie was shot but her character had left such a huge impact on my expectations for actresses. She was quick witted yet so vulnerable that I was completely captured by her. Bacall continued her movie career with a powerful presence that kept the movies she was apart of some of the best I’ve seen.

I may need to watch The Big Sleep asap.

“A planned life is a dead life.” -Lauren Bacall