Daniel Horowitz has been selected to participate in the prestigious Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) located in a incredible old massive factory cultural complex, The Spinnerei Art Center in Leipzig, Germany. This sprawling art mecca with artist studios, galleries, and a communal art center, is revered for its concentration of remarkable painters, including Neo Rauch, Titus Schade, and Matthias Weischer.

Help to support his residency by contributing to his Kickstarter HERE

Lai would like to make a public announcement saying that terrible wigs are a crime and must be stopped. So that means it’s tutorial time .

You know those wigs that got a massive fringe and never part like they supposed to, covering most of the dolls face. People end up using oversized hair clips and the whole thing looks ridiculous…? Yeah those ones. Well here is an easy fix.
Lai volunteered to demonstrate . His one is pretty simple but the idea is the same all around.

What you need is Glue. Yep…just simple PVA. It dries clear and holds strong.Easy to wash off too. Human hairgel can get tacky and gross but PVA holds shape and doesn’t get sticky. It’s great for fixing curls too.

Now wash your hands really well. Any dirt and it will clump. Then squeeze some glue and rub over the fringe or any part of the wig, like braids or whatever else you want to style.

So just flick the fringe to the side and twist the edges of each flick. Just experiment until you like it ^^ .

Tada <3 Lai is all gorgeous again.

On the the twelfth day of Christmas  Kleincrew gave to me…..

Haha fuck off XD  There will be five tutorials tops.

Now! : D So I had a bunch of asks from you guys and headbands were the popular choice, So here it is. Headbands with Xmassy twist : D

On a budget of course . Something everyone can do ^^

Now you will need. Wire- I use 18G or 1.25mm but you can go even smaller.  Few bucks for a roll from any dollar or hardware store
Hot glue gun because we are lazy. You might get away with PVA or other glue. might.

Felt because we are cheap too : D ….I never use felt but Christmas screams for tacky

Then you need shit to put on your wire. Pearls are your obvious choice. I use 5mm ones from a dollar store. Just make sure the wire will fit in the hole because in so many cases it doesn’t -_-

Then bells, bows anything else you want to stick on to it.

Now…I am making this up as I go and hope it works. {spoiler- it will}

Draw a pattern for deer horns and ears or bunny years or whatever your heart desires.
I do not know what deer horns look like so I am making an educated guess.

Now fold over your felt and cut out those shapes so the fold is at the bottom.

Now the headband. Cut off a piece of wire big enough for your doll and fold the tip

Fill that up with pearls and fold over the other edge in a same wire. Use like tiny pliers or something >>; Make sure pearls are packed tight and don’t slide around. Bend it into shape and you are done

Now position the felt horn where you want it .

Then hot glue that! Careful with your little fingers, hot glue is evil, especially if it gets under your nail *sobs

Make sure there is plenty on the base where pearls are. Fold! Pull out any icky stuff from the sides if glue leaks

Repeat until happy : D I would put ears a bit closer though

Looks like shit I know . You guys can certainly do it better, I am just giving you the basics . Now hot glue or stitch on some bows or bells or bows AND bells. Once again both can be found in craft section of a dollar store

Hah! It’s actually pretty cute : D So now it’s done! You Can do any color combinations, put a bit of pink felt in a ear or cover that shit in roses.

Lai baby is here to demonstrate <3

Santa’s little helpers <3

Cheers guys and thank you for reading !