Raccoons never got a proper education in science and so they do not understand that some objects such as cotton candy will dissolve in water. 

Dogs mark their territory by urinating on the area. Deers mark their territory by licking the object. Although the two are very different species, they share the common habit of leaving their bodily liquid on something that they claim as theirs.

kim myungsoo in a nutshell

remember my OMGINFINITEHOWWHATWHY series? well, here’s part two. featuring kim myungsoo. (i hope you guys understand how thrilled i am every time i rhyme in my metas/tags. i’m such a fuckin’ beast.)

okay!!! so. anon who requested this- I HOPE YOU ARE STILL HERE AND WILL SEE THAT I ALWAYS KEEP MY PROMISES eventually AND THAT YOU’LL ENJOY. this one’s for you. cheers.

ah, kim myungsoo. aka L. aka visual extraordinaire a la INFINITE. he is also yet another handsome onion (as are all the infinite members tbh), so i’m just gonna touch on a few key points that make me love him. i remember when i first got into INFINITE a few summers ago, i actually didn’t really see myungsoo. i saw him in passing, but the two members who caught my eye were sungyeol and hoya so i didn’t think much of myungsoo other than “that kid’s pretty handsome. but he looks too chic, meh.” this is because his gaze is very chic and distant looking, like he’s one of those goodlooking but arrogant guys at school (who i usually detest). like donghae oppa of suju. but just like donghae oppa, i soon discovered that “L” is in fact not chic at all but a puddle o’ warm hot cocoa love.

as i mentioned in my myungyeol rant, i only came to notice myungsoo when i came across a video of him trying to imitate sungyeol (who wasn’t even there!) on a radio show. i kid you not my face was like.

so, here’s this kid with an extremely gorgeous face…making fuckin’ goofy (uh hyuk hyuk!) sounds, giggling nervously, and saying he’s imitating a member who’s not even present. i was very confused because…he’s…the visual. right. sure. and with further investigation i found a video of him leading sungyeol around with the power of a…very warm backhug, making the elder wave to the fans. what PUPPIES. OMG.

this story is the reason why i came to love kim myungsoo. because i love handsome idiots. and i love handsome idiots who adore other handsome idiots even more. and that is kim myungsoo in a nutshell.

i love how kim myungsoo loves. it is a fact that kim myungsoo is a quiet person by nature. his mother said he was a quiet child who never gave her trouble. the members said he was quiet before debut and mostly kept to himself. he himself said that he doesn’t need to speak to make his presence shine (LOL). but being silent doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for other people. he just shows his love in different ways, and honestly, that’s the best way. 

when i was younger, i was an anime nerd so i always stayed in my room and kept to myself, but i was affectionate with my words so i told my mom i loved her, but what she told me in response shook me to this day- “it’s easy to speak of love with your words, but true love is shown through your actions.” but that’s myungsoo. he constantly takes pictures of the other members. it can be said that he probably does that because it’s his hobby, and that’s true- but he said that he loves photography because he wants to treasure each moment. so he wants to treasure them in a medium that he loves. he’s also infamous for his clinginess, but it’s great to see that he wants that closeness with his members. he also bought sungyeol that expensive samsung laptop a while back…and samsung’s are expensive in korea because they are made to market to foreign customers. yes, he has the funds to do so, but he just dished out big bucks to make a friend happy. like, that’s lovely? and even though myungsoo is of very little words, when you look through his photo essays you can see that he actually has a lot of quiet thoughts that he expresses through artistic mediums like little poems, drawings, and photographs. it’s just sweet, okay.

i absolutely admire myungsoo for his determination. he wanted to become a singer so he worked hard and he became one. lbr, woollim is a small company and so infinite had to sweat fuckin’ blood to debut and win. myungsoo isn’t very verbal so even if he got frustrated he’d keep it to himself and practice on. he loved photography so he saved up, bought a camera, and practiced photography endlessly. (this can also be attributed to his obsessive tendencies, but i think pretty much all of the infinite members have that tendency lol.) he’s released two photobooks in the past couple years and they’re really lovely..they capture small moments in a sincere way. 

myungsoo honestly sucks at public speaking tbh, which is difficult since he is a public figure lol. but he plows through whenever he has MC duties or whatnot because he gets those quite a bit as infinite’s visual. kpop visuals ALWAYS. ALWAYS get hate for their role in their group. because they undoubtedly get twice as many opportunities in the larger industry because they have a face to their name and a name to their face. but myungsoo works so hard to improve his skills that who the fuck can say shit about him? i haven’t heard from the haters regarding this one in quite a while. he’s improved his vocals so much that he’s now the what- third? fourth? ranked vocal in the group. his dancing’s improved a lot so he looks much less like a gumby whippin’ his limbs about.

and…i do appreciate that myungsoo doesn’t flaunt. i mean, korean society shames people who act cocky in public, but you can still tell arrogant people apart from the genuinely humble ones. this is really important to me because i had a lot of social hardships in the past due to arrogant jerks when i couldn’t speak english. i’m so thankful to myungsoo (and his parents) that he isn’t a jerkface who acts like fame is due to him. he sits quietly (well ‘cause he’s quiet lol) and doesn’t beg the spotlight on him and he really is a team player. as the visual, he takes his responsibilities dutifully, but when it’s not his turn, he just sits back and watches his fellow members with loving eyes (or spaces out). it could be so damn easy for him to take advantage of his advantage and leave infinite in the dust, but he doesn’t. thanks, bb. seriously. (although i wonder if woollim or sunggyu help to keep him in his place? hm.)

oh, and also- i do think he is very aware that he is goodlooking. but i don’t think it’s something that really affects how he acts outwardly as much as it would other people. i don’t think it’s a factor that constantly influences his waking thoughts as he lives his day considering all of the derp faces he makes. kpop stars have to always be careful of how they use their faces because they are always under watch, but kim myungsoo won’t stop contorting his face into stupid shapes omg. stop kim myungsoo just stop.

speaking of hopeless dork. that is what kim myungsoo is and for that i am forever grateful. because this world NEEDS more representation in the goodlooking dummy category. yes, myungsoo is insanely and ridiculously attractive. but did you know he’s also a huge anime/manga nerd? that it’s not even shounen manga that he loves, but rather romance mangas? (wtf lol) that he’s an obsessive loser whose ceo came and TORE his plaid shirts because he wOULDN’T STOP WEARINg them?? that he eats one thing until he gets sick of it and wears all black even to this very day? (although now he wears more fashionable black items.) (except for those lazy ass sweatpants lol) (but i’d do the same tho so.) i don’t wanna know what him and the resident “choding” do in their spare time. myungsoo with his girly ass mangas and sungyeol with his fancy toys omg.

there’s something i want to mention…i know myungsoo’s been doing hella aegyo and shit lately, but i personally don’t think it’s…idk. i personally don’t prefer to romanticize myungsoo as a completely squishy, innocent kid. i think that he did have da aegyo in him naturally, but i think it was drawn out of him because he’s received so much love and he shows it out of thanks. with that said, i don’t think he’s innocent at all, at least anymore. being in such a nasty business does that to ya, and also well- he’s fuckin’ 22 now. he’s a grown ass man. also, when you see him with sungyeol, YES he’s clingy and loveydovey, but you can see a side of him he doesn’t often show. with sungyeol, myungsoo shows his…average korean dude side, like in weekly idol when he yelled “들어와 인마!!!” (get back here, rascal!!!) which is something you only say to someone younger or that you’re really close with…it’s not nice lol. and there are so many times when myungsoo tricked sungyeol and laughed at his face…told yeol he’s less handsome than him…i’m just saying- he’s not always mr. snugglywump.

another trait i’ve noticed about soosoo here is that he is very logically smart. we all know he’s rather brilliant at math for someone who didn’t attend college in that area, but i’ve noticed he gives very rational solutions to infinite’s situations. like in diss is infinite, they had to take a jumping picture in a line, holding hands, in their onesies. they fucked up because they couldn’t get the timing right, but then myungsoo suggested counting to four and then jumping on his count. they succeeded in one try. i can’t think of the other two examples i had in mind, but they’re there and i will totally write about them when i remember them, damnit.

i’m getting tuckered out because i wrote rather seriously/earnestly for this one since i put it off for so long, but i guess i can always write another one if inspiration strikes me. i really do appreciate knowing of myungsoo’s existence because seeing him work so hard and being such a sweet, earnest guy inspires me to do the same in my life. and also gives me hope that “no not all the men in the world are trash.” lol

i have plenty of tag essays on him and other metas involving him, so please check those out if you want more…btw, remember his body? lol. i do think i’ll write more on him when i’m less distracted in the future. for now, i hope that you enjoy this one! thanks for asking~

btw, for those who don’t know, the original ask from the anon was asking if i hate myungsoo since i also make fun of him in my tags and i answered no i love him i just like to tease because that’s my way of showing affection and then they asked me to write an appreciation meta about him. so this is it.

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moose are known to be apathetic to events surrounding them. A 2013 study from Florida State University shows that moose are least likely to acknowledge other animals in distress or help in a fire.

Our Strength Comes From God

My blog will never keep anyone from sinning. If you stand guilty then you are guilty and you need to repent which is changing the way you think because guilt is not from heaven, it’s from the devil.

If you live judging others or jealous of others because you don’t see the love of God then you’re working against God’s grace and are giving the devil place to work through your life. This doesn’t mean you’re evil or condemned by God, it means you don’t know God.

“Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him. Who are you to judge another’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand, for God is able to make him stand.” – Romans‬ ‭14‬:‭3-4‬

Ducklings are very particular about their water and will not drink anything that is not Evian or imported from Italy. They will turn their noses up at tap water in particular.

When separated from their mothers, baby sloths form emotional attachments to anything furry that they see, including stuffed animals.


spread this like the plague

Miniature horse ponies often get very excited to work in gardens, attempting to work machinery and use tools well before they are of the right size to help. They get gold stars for trying though.