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[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] [Notice] The application for Block B’s Official Fanclub BBC Round 3 is open.
Application open: 19 days from August 3 (Mon)~ August 21(Fri) for 19 days
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(T/N: Open for Korea-based fans only, so the cafe information will not be translated.)

[KYUNG] Wow!!!!!!!

[KYUNG] You’re already 3 years old~?^♡^



AYO! DO YOU WANNA B? BLOCK B! // I don’t know if I will be able to keep this text short… I am not that good with words, but I want to thank these seven adorable, crazy and dorky boys who have been through so much in these four years, but are still here, strong as ever. I want to thank them for not giving up when things were hard, for their courage to keep holding on, for fighting for Block B and for BBC. I want to thank them for always being together, for starting all over again as seven, always as seven. That pain we felt during that long hiatus without any news from them, no news from their old company and their situation as Block B members… I hope we’ll never feel that again. Thankfully, it’s all in the past. Because they started together, and they will always be together. I want to thank Block B for thinking about us all the time: during the hard and sweet times. For loving us with all their hearts, for worrying about us, for coming back to us, for giving us amazing songs, albums, mvs, dvds. Thank you for making us happy and smiley. Thank you for growing up as a group, as artists and as individuals without letting your lively, wild essence fade away. Thank you for always being real to us. BBC will always be here for you, Block B. To support you, to cheer you up, to love you – and to teach you a little when needed, too. We can always lean on each other and we will always walk side by side, holding hands and smiling. All you seven: BBC are proud of you, and love you. Forever. // Happy 4th anniversary.