Keep on dreaming!

Everyone is allowed to have dreams and fantasies.
Just because something turns out to be impossible or not true, doesn’t mean you have to stop dreaming about it!
Don’t let anyone tell you to stop if it’s your passion, your sanctuary, your love!
You are allowed to do so if it makes you happy!
So keep on dreaming and don’t lose faith!

- with much love of a little dot in the Sapphire Blue Ocean <3

gifs ©jiji

the best thing SUPER JUNIOR EVER DID

was this short yaoi drama where they all are with their couples like kyumin and yewon but its just so innocent and somehow funny i just watched it again and i just cant stop laughing i nearly pissed myself and that, ladies and gents, is the reason why im an ELF

I’ve come to realise that, whatever happened, Kyumin still sells.

I feel like there are still hints and moments set up by SM production team here and there to please their hardcore shippers, because why not.
To my surprise Kyumin is not completely dead after everything that happened, which doesn’t fit my theory of a harsh breakup. So, possible scenarios are:
- There is nothing between them (and Kyumin shippers are completely delusional) so everything about Kyumin has been staged for fanservice (which has so far been a very good job indeed - big applause to the PD team). Because moments are fanservice, they will go on as long as Kyumin and SJ are active.
- There was something between them and:
1. They are awkward after what happened but forced to do fanservice by the company. Without fanservice they probably would avoid each other as much as possible.
2. They are absolutely cool with each other now that things are finished between them, but still bond together as good friends so moments happen anyway.
3. There is still something between them now, although they are not officially together anymore and probably are a bit awkward towards each other. However as usual they still have this subtle way of interaction that never escape shippers’ eyes.
4. They are still in love (lol), and the marriage was nothing but a protection against public speculations about their relationship and Sungmin’s serving in the army (it was a very sudden and rushed event anyway). Shippers are not delulu (yay!) and the ship still sails strong (at least until Kyuhyun enlists T_T).

Personally, I feel a bit betrayed seeing Kyumin moments again, because all the griefs that happened seem meaningless, at the end of the day there are still moments as if nothing ever happened.
I feel like I was expecting a change, to prove that the whole marriage thing did affect their relationship, so that I have a reason to believe there was something between them.
By letting things go on as usual, they acknowledged nothing and us shippers are left forever puzzled by what the hell was and is going on.
But isn’t making us wonder their job though?

Shipping to this extreme is a tiring job full of self doubts and denials. Don’t be like us.

One good thing is that we keep a fraction of the fandom going. And whoever behind those Kyumin momnets know too well how to keep us hooked.