gif:kwon boa

“BoA spent a lot of time helping p101 trainees with the choreo but asked MNET not to show her scenes but show more trainee footage instead”

Boa said that she would give anything that could help the trainees and it doesn’t need to be broadcasted 

“Its not easy to memorize all the trainees name. The crew didnt ask her to memorize it but after the 1st recording, she memorized all names”

i mean im not gonna get all into it but boa is like. she makes everything she does so effortless. she sings and dances and does them at the same time like it’s as easy as breathing and i can barely breathe regularly sometimes like…shes been in the industry over 15 years now and continually releases good music that still resonates with the current music trends but it’s still her in every sense of the word? boa is like…your idol’s idol. can’t anybody dance any better than her -with only maybe yunho and rain coming on her level in terms of dance and performance and consistency considering her age and time of debut?? but as a female solo artist going this long in this industry with this kind of consistency and still able to out dance every single one of your faves she’s just…you can’t top her. even though she really isn’t as much of an “idol” in these days since she has other things going for her, seeing her release music on her own time and have it all still be good with that 100% effort and commitment to her music and dance and overall artistry is such a blessing

im just so thankful for boa every time she releases something bc she reminds this whole industry that she really is That Bitch and that at any time if she wanted to truly take shit over she’s 100% capable of doing so