[2014.04.11] Jo Twins Moment @ BOYFRIEND in Okinawa #1

Jo Twins did their Push-up Battle !

While Youngmin was doing his push-up and counting along, Kwangmin teased his hyung by counting random numbers out loud so that Youngmin would lose his concentration.
When it was Kwangmin’s turn to did push-up, Youngmin just watched his younger brother calmly and other members teased Kwangmin instead.

The winner was Youngmin !
Youngmin did more than 30 times.
Kwangmin did just almost 20 times.

Punishment for the loser was drinking fresh Balsam Pear juice.
Youngmin was the one who poured the juice.
When other members lost, Youngmin always poured the juice into the glass until it was full.
But when Kwangmin lost, he poured much less amount of juice than when he poured for other members.
(Youngmin-ah ! Why are you so biased ? > <)
Kwangmin complained a little but then he drank it all at once.


Credit : クァンミンのジュリエット

Trans by @lovelynutz_BF