Kuu Headcanons

Shoutout to @jeffthekiller855-blog-blog for the idea of Kuu & Jyugo headcanons. I got inspired to make some Kuu headcanons myself ~♪

  • Kuu being a cat who has great hearing, he always catches Jyugo off guard when he tries to escape
  • Kuu spends most of his day sleeping in Hajime`s office. A few times have happend where Hajime left is drawer open and Kuu slept in it
  • Sometimes he sneaks away into Shiro`s kitchen and eats together with Haku who gets more then he should 
  • Doesn`t mind being in Mitsuru`s office either, he likes spending time with him, even thought hes really loud
  • Mitsuru has made special bed in his office for Kuu with toys and all
  • Loves to sleep in Jyugos arms
  • Loves cuddles and scratchies behind his ears and his neck from anyone
  • Seitarou used to be scared of Kuu because of the way he looks at him and because he looks kind of like his owner, Hajime. But he has grown up at him a lot since their first meeting
  • One time Seitarou have knitted a small green sweather for Kuu
  • Rock have stolen Kuu a few times to their cell, Kuu didn`t care because he got lots of cuddles from the big guy. Rock loves him a lot
  • He likes to stall around the prison and has a secret hideout somewhere no one knows