I’ve bought the first volume of “Servamp” yesterday and it’s pretty awesome.  I think Kuro and Jeje are gonna be my favourite characters~
Jeje is really strange but also somehow cute xD so I drawed him as a cute little chibi ovo

I’m gonna buy the second and third volume on Friday :D
I already love the story and the characters, especially the character designs!
I’m going to draw more of it, when i’ve finished my exams!


Here’s the drawing I was talking about in this post x

 made it for Kuro’s birthday cake (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
The print didn’t came out bad in the end, and the cake designer made a wonderful job with the decoration!
It was so tasty too >u<

*spreads overload happiness *
*not just for the cake*

What do you think about? C: