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You see, I was reading SERVAMP and suddenly realized that Kuro looks like a panda. A very big, sad and cute panda that badly wants a hug (especially from Mahiru) :'3

PFFFTHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, anon, you cracked me up XD Mostly because it’s so, oh, I don’t know… true! Panda eyes~ Somebody hug our poor dear panda darling who’s too good for this world. Or, better yet, tell Mahiru to do it~

God, somebody please draw Kuro in a panda costume, I’d love you forever.

hey ppl! if you too love glunkus and hobo, i recommend taking a look at the beautiful manga Kuro

its the story of a little girl who lives in a mansion with her very strange black cat, kuro, in a village surrounded by monsters whom kuro protects his owner from. this story combines cute endearing jokes about cat behavior and horrible lovecraftian abominations (spoiler: kuro is one of them), and gets a bit darker as it goes on (but the humor stays).

and kuro reminds me of glunkus i mean just look at his main form:

isn’t he adorable? in conclusion please go read kuro

Chapter 63 of kuro is so beautiful because..

You realize that Sebastian and Ciel literally taught each other everything. Sebastian raised Ciel to be intelligent..

Ciel trained Sebastian how to be “one hell of a butler”…

Sebastian raised Ciel to be a worthy earl…

And Ciel trained Sebastian to accept nothing less than perfect…

They became vulnerable to each other throughout the beginning of their journey..Ciel gaining a World of trust and Sebastian gaining knowledge of his fragility…

And in the end of their teaching, they had imprinted into one another so much that they were inseparable and unstoppable 

You realize that their personalities after the few years are based off of one anothers teachings. You realize that they rubbed off on each other. And they transformed each other into the deadly duo that would have the power to rule the world. It is just…beautiful.

A Note on Glunkus

So something about this post struck me as oddly familiar, but it was only later that I realized that the description of Glunkus matches almost exactly that of Kuro, the titular feline character of a webcomic that was popular a while ago and has since been licensed as a manga:

The comic itself is incredibly surreal and somewhat creepy, and can be read here.